My first week

Arming myself with the right tools I was ready to go. I had seen my GP, she had given me a referral to a dietician who I would see in a couple of weeks. I had downloaded My Fitness Pal for my iPhone as well as RunKeeper to keep me on track. I could now keep record of everything that went in and all the exercise that I was doing.

From what I remember it was a pretty good week. I didn’t really think of myself as fat but knew I needed to do something about my lifestyle. I was eating the wrong food and not exercising at all. My boys want a Mummy who can run around after them and not be puffed half way through.

This week I walked 4 times, I did some gardening in the hot blazing sun. My calorie goal per day was 1400 however ranged from 1300-1800 per day and I made sure that everything I put in my mouth went into my tracker first. I had a birthday this week and turned 32, I had high tea out with a very good friend of mine but made sure I made up for it with wiser food choices on subsequent days.

I had an Optislim shake first thing most mornings to fill me up which seemed to work. Instead of the 2 pieces of thick cut toast lathered in butter and vegemite from the coffee shop near work I changed to having a small bowl of cereal and milk. Milky coffees are out.

Start Weight: 104.2kg
Weigh in 24/10/12: 1.8kg Loss
Current Weight: 102.4kg


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