Weeks 7-10 Lead up to Christmas

I have had a lot of comments about loosing weight this close to Christmas and how hard it can be over the festive season.  There is a lot more catching up with friends, a lot more work morning teas and lunches but I have managed to keep my focus and motivation on the skinnier me.  I will not let others guilt me into things “just one wont hurt”, “its only a small slice of cake”.  I will stay firm and stick to my plan.

Start Weight: 104.2kg
Weigh in 05/12/12: 0.6kg Loss
Total Loss: 7.9kg in 7 weeks
Current Weight: 96.3kg

Left: 20th October 2012 – Right: 5th December 2012

This week I am wearing pants that I haven’t worn since before being pregnant with my 2nd child.  It’s great when you can fit into New (old) clothes.

Start Weight: 104.2kg
Weigh in 12/12/12: 0.6kg Loss
Total Loss: 8.4kg in 8 weeks
Current Weight: 95.8kg

I didn’t quite make my 10kg before Christmas, I know I have a few days to go but this is my last weigh in before the day.  I don’t feel defeated but empowered to keep up the great work.  It’s been tough at times but I have made it and feel so very proud of myself.  I am wearing clothes I haven’t worn in years and have so much more energy.

Start Weight: 104.2kg
Weigh in 19/12/12: 0.6kg Loss
Total Loss: 9kg in 9 weeks
Current Weight: 95.2kg

This week is tough, it’s Christmas week and although I am very motivated to be really good I am a little worried I will over indulge.  I am getting close to my dreaded plateau weight of 94kg.  I have been here plenty of times in the past and have struggled mentally to get past it, I feel comfortable at 94kg and it’s what I know.

Start Weight: 104.2kg
Weigh in 26/12/12: 2.2kg Loss
Total Loss: 11.2kg in 10 weeks
Current Weight: 93kg

I managed to sail past that dreaded 94kg mark and feel so good about it.
On Christmas Day I maxed out my calories to 1300, I had a little bit of everything including dessert but made healthier choices and can honestly say I feel much better for it.  It was a great feeling that I didnt HAVE to have an afternoon nap because of over eating.


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