Lunch on the run

I completely admit that its not always possible to have a healthy nutritious lunch on the run. 
Maybe you are out of the office in meetings or maybe you are at home with the kids and tend to snack all day or maybe just like me today I was a little unorganised and didn’t put much thought into lunch.
I thought I would share a healthy and nutritious lunch that should keep you going for hours and is under 300 calories.
There are a lot of convenience foods on the supermarket shelves but unfortunately a lot of them contain some nasties. If you get into the habit of reading labels you will generally be able to tell at a glance if something is good or not. 
Something that has taken my fancy of late is SunRice Quick Cups. 
I highly recommend the Stir Fry Brown Rice which is 236 Cal’s per cup.


If you are new to brown rice or just don’t like it, SunRice do have a white rice alternative.

You can add a few veges, a bit of chicken or better still I add an egg.  With a small boiled egg added it comes to a grand total of 296 calories for lunch, its also low GI so will keep you going for longer.
I boil my eggs the night before and then heat in a little hot water before adding to my rice once its been cooked in the microwave for approx 40 seconds.

Today i enjoyed my healthy convenient lunch of brown rice with egg on one of the fabulous bridges of Brisbane.  We are lucky that there are seating areas to enjoy the view.


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