Run Run Run or should i say Jog

My 3rd mini goal was to jog for a least 30 Min’s at speed 7 on the treadmill by 28th Feb 2013.
How did I achieve this goal, i broke it down into weekly milestones so I had something to strive for.

  1. Jog for 15 Min’s out of 30 by 12th Jan 13 – done
  2. Jog for 17 Min’s out of 30 by 19th Jan 13 – done
  3. Jog for 20 Min’s out of 30 by 26th Jan 13 – done
  4. Jog for 23 Min’s out of 30 by 2nd Feb 13 – done
  5. Jog for 25 Min’s out of 30 by 9th Feb 13 – done
  6. Jog for 27 Min’s out of 30 by 16th Feb 13 – done

There is definitely no secret to running or should I say jogging.  I think it’s a lot of mind over matter.  “The voices in my head that tell me I cannot run are LIARS” is just one of my mantras that i repeat to myself when my mind tells me I need to stop. 
I can breathe perfectly fine (OK I’m puffing a lot and am as red as a beetroot) and my legs are keeping fine but my mind is telling me to have a break……MUST KEEP GOING.

My reward to myself if I achieved all of the above was to buy new exercise clothes.  I purchased myself 2 x size 16 Michelle Bridges tops and love them.


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