Weeks 18-21

This week my husband and I went out for a Valentines Day dinner.  I know a lot of people don’t celebrate Valentines but for us its special, its the day he proposed to me back in 2008. 
We went home after a day at work, I went to the gym and we came back into the City for dinner with Grandma on babysitting duty.  We had a beautiful meal at Luke Nguyen’s new restaurant at the Treasury Casino.  The food is beautiful fresh Vietnamese and to die for.  Salt & Pepper Silken Tofu, Chicken Pad Thai and a beautiful Beef Vermicelli dish.  My mindset has definitely changed when it comes to food.  I no longer crave the deep fried, fatty or sweet foods and love to try new and different flavours.
I am running 27 Min’s out of 30mins and its a great feeling to know I am so close to my goal.

Start Weight: 104.2kg
Weigh in 20/02/13: 0.5kg Loss
Total Loss: 16.6kg in 18 weeks
Current Weight: 87.6kg

This week I have managed to get to my goal in the 6 weeks I allowed myself.  I am now running for 30 Min’s straight 3 times a week.
My next goal is to run for 5km in 40 Min’s by 15th June and I’m positive I will achieve this goal as long as I don’t let me mind get in the way.

Food is no longer a struggle for me these days, yes I calorie count every single day.  Every morsel of food is accounted for before it goes into my body.  It makes me sit back, stop and think about weather I need it or not.  The weekends are still hard, we are often out and about, I generally take a couple of pieces of fruit with me to make sure I don’t make silly choices when starving hungry.

Start Weight: 104.2kg
Weigh in 27/02/13: 0.1kg Gain
Total Loss: 16.5kg in 19 weeks
Current Weight: 87.5kg

Not sure what happened last week, my calories were under the 9100 for the week and I did a fair bit of exercise.  Yet again I’m not discouraged by the gain but more determined to make some healthier choices this week and have an even bigger loss next week.
I am currently running approx 37mins and have got my 5km run down to 43:49  I will get there!!

Start Weight: 104.2kg
Weigh in 05/03/13: 1.9kg Loss
Total Loss: 18.4kg in 20 weeks
Current Weight: 85.8kg

Wow, I cant believe the huge loss this week but I’m more than happy with it.  After my very slight gain last week I feel awesome and I’m so much closer to my overall goal.  Its really only just over 10kg away.  Working hard and eating well is paying off…………

Start Weight: 104.2kg
Weigh in 13/03/13: 0.9kg Loss
Total Loss: 19.3kg in 21 weeks
Current Weight: 84.9kg

I am so close to that 20kg mark I can smell it, i hope i get there next week. 
I am running 5km in just over 40mins.  I will get there, I will get under 40mins and I will be really good at this.


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