Weeks 22-25

This week I almost cracked my 40min mark, I got so very close……5km in 40:02mins.  It’s touch but i am doing it and not letting anything get in my way.

I went over my calories this week by quite a bit, I ended up eating a lot on the weekend after my run.  I was absolutely starving, I am happy that although I ate over my calories I ate healthy food and didn’t make any bad choices.  I have started to realise that its OK to eat more just make sure its good food.
Total Cal’s for this week was 9580 instead of 9100.

Start Weight: 104.2kg
Weigh in 20/03/13: 0.6kg Loss
Total Loss: 19.9kg in 22 weeks
Current Weight: 84.3kg

I have decided that I need to work out as much as I can this week because I didn’t quite get to that 20kg mark last week and being 0.1kg off that goal made me so determined.  I worked out 7 times and although again I was over in my calories by 354 for the week I exercised for in excess of 2300cals.
I have also cracked my 40 min mark for 5km.  I was so so happy, I may have done a little victory dance on the treadmill in a packed gym (must have looked ridiculous) – 5km in 37:26

Start Weight: 104.2kg
Weigh in 27/03/13: 0.5kg Loss
Total Loss: 20.4kg in 23 weeks
Current Weight: 83.8kg

When i set my goals in early January I was determined to stick to them this year.  Its easy to make goals and then give up when things get too hard but that wasn’t going to happen this time.
My goal of loosing 20kg in total by 24th April has been absolutely smashed.  I have re-visited to my goals and made a few changes.
My next goal of loosing another 5kg (25kg in total) by 3rd July has been changed to 5 June.  I CAN DO THIS.  Its still only 500grams a week and if I work hard I can get there.

Start Weight: 104.2kg
Weigh in 03/04/13: 0.5kg Loss
Total Loss: 20.9kg in 24 weeks
Current Weight: 83.3kg

The weight loss is starting to slow down but I knew this would happen at some point.  I saw Scott (my dietitian) this week and unfortunately I was pretty heavy on his scales with my smallest loss in a 4 week period since I started to see him.  After looking at my food diary he can see that every week my calories are starting to creep up over that 9100 mark.  I have to agree with him when he tells me to make sure that I keep it under that goal as much as possible.  Its very easy to let some bad habits slip in. 

Start Weight: 104.2kg – 83.3kg (Loss of 20.9kg)

Start Weight: 104.2kg
Weigh in 10/04/13: 0.5kg Loss
Total Loss: 21.4kg in 25 weeks
Current Weight: 82.8kg

500grams seem to be my lucky number at the moment but it sits perfectly with my goal so I am super happy.  I tried on a dress for a wedding this week and although it was a tight fit I put it on lay by.  I cant believe I can fit a size 16 dress.  I am having to buy myself new clothes almost every fortnight at the moment as everything is too big…….its so terrible 😉


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