Week 28

As I get closer to my goal I will be dedicating a blog post for each week.
This week I have had to make a few sacrifices but I wouldn’t say it was a hard thing to do.

This last weekend we had family friends arrive from New Zealand.  We had a busy day planned for Saturday and as much as I wanted to make excuses that I couldn’t go to the gym because I didn’t have time I knew I had to go…….NO EXCUSES!
I was up early and at the gym at 7 when it opened, given I am training for the Mothers Day Classic in a few weeks I have decided to just focus on the 4.5km I need to do and do it well.  I smashed it out and was just home in time for our friends to arrive even if I did have to give them hugs whilst I had my towel wrapped around me from my shower 🙂

We headed out to see some sights of Brisbane, sometimes its nice to be a tourist in your own City, we haven’t been up to Mt Coot-tha in a few years.  It was definitely a beautiful day for it, 27 degrees, a beautiful breeze and clear skies, perfect for panoramic views of Brisbane.
We had morning tea up there and whilst others indulged I had my 2 plain biscuits that I had packed and a juice. 
We headed down to Southbank and jumped on a CityCat for a cruise down the river, it was so nice and the boys loved being on the water. 
Once back at Southbank we had a beautiful picnic lunch in the park, whilst everyone else had hot chips and sandwiches I stuck with just my sandwiches but I was OK with that knowing that we had a beautiful roast chicken dinner with veges and a beautiful Apple & Feijoa Tart for dessert waiting for us when we got home.

Whilst on this journey I have learnt that I cant always have the nice things or what everyone else is having and I do have to go without sometimes so I can have a treat when I feel like one.
I don’t need to eat when others are, in the past I would eat at morning tea because everyone else was, not because I was hungry, now its a very different thought process around eating………….am I really hungry?

One of my goals was to fit into my size 14 grey pants by 30th April, lets just say they fit but they don’t fit well.  I bought them years ago, well before children and they are hipsters.  What was I thinking, my legs fit and my bum fits but there is a definite muffin top.  By the time they fit my hips they will be too big for my legs……….oh well.

Typically my Mondays and Tuesdays are my good days, I generally eat more over the weekends and to keep under my 9100 calorie goal per week its just something i need to do to make sure i achieve my goals.
Yesterday I met with Scott (my dietitian) who was extremely pleased with my progress, since seeing him last (4 weeks) i have lost 3.3kg.  Keep doing what I am doing he tells me.  He can see the difference from last month when I had started to let me weekly calorie total creep up over 9400.

Weekly Stats

Selfies are never great. 79.9kg

Start Weight: 104.2kg
Weigh in 01/05/13: 0.5kg Loss
Total Loss: 24.3kg in 28 weeks
Current Weight: 79.9kg
Current BMI: 28.6 (started at 37.4)
Total Percentage Weight Loss: 23.32%

Calories Consumed: 9120….a little over
Sugars Consumed: 326grams
Exercised: 6 times
Exercise Calories: 1195

YES, YOU READ RIGHT………….I AM IN THE 70’S!!! So so happy 🙂


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