167.65 kilometres

That’s the amount of exercise I achieved in April 2013.
Totalling a whopping 9,277 calories which is over an entire weeks worth of eating at 1300 calories a day.
It was a grand total of 15 hours, 7 minutes and 16 seconds.

Every month since February I have made a goal to complete a certain amount of kilometres and this month like others I haven’t made that goal but its definitely kept me on track and provided much needed motivation.

At the end of March my Dad went to the storage shed and got me the “nowhere bike”, its a standard push bike up on an A Frame and its fabulous. 
What it means is that on my non gym/running days I can pump out a few km’s.  I was very enthused to start with and made myself a goal of 100km on the bike in the month of April, easy right? 
I was going to get up early every day and ride for 15 minutes……that was until it started to get darker and colder and my bed was far more important than that bike.
For someone who is not a cyclist, sorry to those who are but I think its pretty boring, I did fairly well and ended up riding 74.06km.

My running on the other hand was kind of dismal.  Most people wouldn’t agree that 68.26 km was dismal but when I set myself a target of 90km I kind of think I could have done more. 
My 90km target was set for a good reason, I was going to enter the 14km Brisbane City to South in May but after 3 runs mid month (8km, 8.5km & 9km) I realised that it was just too much too soon.  Its certainly not an excuse, I realised that my body is not and would not be ready in 2 months time to run 14km so I have backed off and re-focused on this weekends Mother Day Classic of 4.5km.

My walking goal of 60km was a very realistic goal however when I rely on my lunch breaks to walk its sometime tough to get away.  I started the month off well but with meeting after meeting it was a little hard this month to actually achieve that amount so I ended with a total of 25.33 km.  Not entirely happy but overall I did OK.

I will re-set my goals in the coming days for May and will get closer to achieving some of them.


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