Mother’s Day Classic 2013

My good friend Stacey and I were participating in this years Brisbane Mother’s Day Classic.  Before the race we hadn’t done any training together but separately we had trained and put in the hard yards, now it was time to test that hard work.
Murphy and his laws meant that Stacey had been sick in the 2 weeks prior to Sunday and I had a head cold earlier in the week.

We had made the decision as a family to sacrifice a sleep in on Mother’s Day, a potential breakfast in bed to be up and out of the house by 6am.  We headed into the City, then walked over the bridge with 2 husbands and 3 children in tow.  It was quite a coldish morning with a sprinkling of rain but we were prepared to run rain, hail or shine.

On arrival at South Bank there was a sea of pink, pink balloons, pink shirts, pink hats and pink porta loos, after all, The Mother’s Day Classic raises much needed funds for Breast Cancer Research  National Breast Cancer Foundation.
At 7.15 we headed over to the start line and were pretty happy with our spot approx 6m back from the start line, it was raining slightly but it was a pretty exciting time, Stacey and I had never run together in an event before today.
It wasn’t until this point that we noticed the tribute cards, pieces of paper pinned to runners backs with names and dates of loved ones, some who had passed and maybe some who were still battling breast cancer.
At 7.30 the hooter went off and after a slow start we got going, the vibe was fantastic.  A sea of pink running through South Brisbane.
Around the 1km mark Stacey pointed out a tribute card on a little girls back “Mummy”, admittedly it was hard to look at.  That little girl was running with her Dad like so many others.  As a parent, it pulls at the heartstrings, there was the Dad running with his daughter on his shoulders because she was too tired to run, everywhere you looked there were tribute cards, we were running for those who couldn’t.
We overtook people that had started with us and we had plenty of people overtaking us but we finished.  We ran our absolute hardest in the last half kilometre and finished in a time of 29.16 and placed 690th & 691st.  We were both so immensely proud.
Our husbands and children were waiting at the finish line and the 2 oldest proudly came with us Mums to collect our bags and medals.

Top: Before, Bottom: After


Next year we WILL run the 8km and maybe in years to come our children will be running along with us.  We may have scarified our sleep in but we did get that breakfast and it was so nice to enjoy it with great friends.

My reflection on the day was to forget about the gifts and what society makes of Mother’s Day, buy your loved one a card that has meaning, tell them what they mean to you and do something as a family to celebrate. 

Check out The Facts About Breast Cancer and get yourself informed

Donate to Breast Cancer Research if you would like to donate to a fabulous cause


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