You can have your cake and eat it too….

You know how it goes, you start your week with the plan to eat healthier, not have any junk.  You have a healthy breakfast and feel great, you have planned your day around healthy options. 
hat is until a co-worker brings in a chocolate cake for morning tea.  It looks fantastic and smells SO good, you’re not hungry but you just cant say no!

You tell yourself “I have been so good, one piece cant be too bad…….right?”

An average piece of iced chocolate cake can be anywhere between 250-300calories (not bad right) but it does contain 10grams of fat, that’s the kicker.  To burn off that one slice of cake will have to walk at a fairly brisk pace for around 51 mins…….is it worth it?

You can have these treats and do a tonne of exercise but even better why not try to choose healthier alternatives to common treat foods.  Try some dark chocolate instead of milk or white, baked chips instead of fried, meat free pizza.  Remember when choosing low fat or low sugar items to check the ingredients, if there is something listed that you cant say or don’t know then don’t buy it. 
Do your research.

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