Week 30

This week I was a little naughty from time to time and although I stuck within my calories to a certain extent I had a bit too much Total fat in my diet, I have have had too much fat for the last 2 weeks. It’s just not sustainable.

After all, you can’t eat rubbish and lose weight. You need to eat clean, healthy food that will fuel your body. Eating less but eating worse is not the answer. 
This next week I will eat more good food and learn from my 3rd gain in 30 weeks.  
Wow 30 weeks.  It doesn’t seem like that long, just over half a year and look how far I have come with determination, motivation and support. 

Weekly Stats

Start Weight: 104.2kg
Weigh in 15/05/13: 0.2kg Gain
Total Loss: 25.1kg in 30 weeks
Current Weight: 79.1kg
Current BMI: 28.4 (started at 37.4)
Total Percentage Weight Loss: 24.08%

Calories Consumed: 9094
Sugars Consumed (Goal 350): 312grams 
Total Fat (Goal 210): 264grams 
Exercised: 3 times
Exercise Calories: 1378


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