Week 36

This week has been a mixed bag of emotions.  I had completely dropped the ball, I say “had” as I have made some serious changes in the last few days.

This week I continued to eat those fat and sugar filled M&M’s, it was only ever 5 at a time and even though I tracked them I was still very disappointed in myself.
In addition my total calories for each day were creeping up over 1400 and sometimes closer to 1500 which is just simply not good enough when I am not at goal yet.  Yes, at goal I can eat more and have a little more wriggle room in my eating and exercise but I’m not there yet, I’m not at goal!!
So why oh why do I feel like I can drop the ball.

Sunday morning was the day I was booked in for Margie’s boot camp at a public park in Ipswich with a good friend of mine. 
I must say, I am so very lucky that I have such a supporting husband.  We both woke early on a Sunday morning, got the boys up, everything in the car and headed off, all before 6.30am!  We had decided that Paul and the boys would tag along and sit patiently in the car for an hour so we could later visit the The Workshops Rail Museum at Ipswich.  We are yearly members and haven’t been since January so figured another visit would be a great family day out.  We don’t get out to Ipswich very often so it worked out well.

I have to admit that even though my session with Margie was hard work, I didn’t find it exhausting like I do with some of the Super Circuits I do at the gym.  Margie worked us hard and we worked as a team, always encouraging our other boot campers to finish the task at hand before moving on. 
The session was tiring and the runs to the end of the oval were particularly hard with a temperature of around 7-8 degrees.  Cold air in your lungs is simply awful.  We made it through the hour in one piece and even had a chance to chat and have some photos at the end which was fabulous.  Margie is such an inspiration.  Margie is hoping to do a boot camp at a suburb near me in the future and I will definitely attend another one.

Before leaving home for my boot camp I felt pretty awful in myself, I had a sneaky weigh in and was 2kg up on last week, I felt bloated, tired and just not right.  This gave me the wake up call I needed BUT I still spent the day eating food that I probably shouldn’t have and was still cranky with myself on Sunday night.

Sitting around the 78kg mark.

Monday morning came along and I had finally got myself into the head space that I needed to be in.  I need to get back on track!!  6am and I’m boiling some eggs and making myself a salad to take to work so I don’t go out and buy from the local eateries.  I had an awesome day calorie wise and felt like I was improving.  Tuesday was the same although a work colleague was providing us with a healthy BBQ lunch at a local park and boy was it good.  I do have to realise though that when someone offers me a glass of wine at lunch I don’t NEED to accept.  I need to stick to what I have put in my tracker (what i can afford for the day) and try not to deviate.

Yesterday afternoon was my monthly dietitian visit and I was not happy about going but I did know that I had been completely honest with myself and with what I had tracked and I just had to deal with the consequences.  This month I had my smallest loss in 6 months of only 800 grams.  Scott was pretty happy with this given I am so close to goal but the reality is I could have been much closer to goal if I had not eaten all that junk.
Scott and I had a chat and we have set a goal for the next 4 weeks and that is to try to get to 75kg on his scales.  I am currently 78.3.  I know this can be achieved.  “BACK TO BASICS”

So, I went grocery shopping after my dietitian’s visit and made sure I stocked up on plenty of fresh greens, fruit, cold meats and grains.  No JUNK.  I will not eat junk this week!

I will keep up with my classes at the gym and try to do some more incidental exercise.  I will try to do more stairs if I can and walk a bit more during the week.  I am very lucky that my good friend Nic greeted me this morning with a beautiful card and a gift of a FitBit Flex which is going to be a wonderful tool for me to stay on track and achieve my exercise each week.

Weekly Stats: Start Weight: 104.2kg
Weigh in 26/06/13: 0.3kg Loss
Total Loss: 27.7kg in 36 weeks
Current Weight: 76.5kg
Current BMI: 27.4 (started at 37.4)
Total Percentage Weight Loss: 26.58%

Calories Consumed: 9516 BAD BAD BAD
Sugars Consumed (Goal 350): 383 grams
Total Fat (Goal 210): 288 grams
Exercised: 5 times
Exercise Calories: 2510 Probably the only thing that saved me from a gain

Jaime xx



Browsing the local farmers market in Brisbane City last week I came across Passion fruit. 

10 for $5 and although that’s still a little more than I would like to pay I absolutely love passion fruit and can’t wait for this time of year when they are plentiful and delicious.

Passion fruit also goes great in your daily smoothies, it has a very distinct flavour

Amoung other things Passion fruit is a rich source of antioxidants, vitamin c and vitamin a
Another great thing about passion fruit is that it is supposed to possess somniferous properties which when taken before rest can aid in a more restful sleep.
Passion fruit contains seeds which contain high amounts of fiber which will aid in cleansing the colon and improve digestion. make sure you drink plenty of water if you are thinking of eating a few in one go.

100grams of Passion fruit is approx 96cals so its a great snack, generally this is approx 5 passion fruits.

The best way to eat passion fruit is with a spoon however it’s really nice in recipes and they don’t always need to be bad………check out the healthy recipe options below.


Jaime xx


Week 35

Far out brussel sprout, 100gram loss. NOT HAPPY JAN

When you buy 10L of paint and you get 1.4kg of M&M’s for free, doesn’t mean you can eat them!!  What was I thinking.  10 here and 10 there, yes they went in my tracker but I have started introducing some things back into my diet that I just shouldn’t be.  I have no Paleo Fudge in the fridge although I did soak the dates weeks ago and then forgot about them.  I have no energy balls left for snacking when I feel like a little something nice.  I need to do some planning and find the time to make some snacks and get myself organised again.

I even did my measurements this week and didnt see much of a difference. 
I really need to focus this week and get a wriggle on!

I am booked in for a bootcamp with Margie Cummins who was the winner of The Biggest Loser 2012 this Sunday, can’ wait and hoping it will be a great work out .  I only exercised twice this week and need to really try harder next week.

Weekly Stats: Start Weight: 104.2kg
Weigh in 19/06/13: 0.1kg Loss
Total Loss: 27.4kg in 35 weeks
Current Weight: 76.8kg
Current BMI: 27.5 (started at 37.4)
Total Percentage Weight Loss: 26.30%

Calories Consumed: 9203
Sugars Consumed (Goal 350): 318 grams
Total Fat (Goal 210): 258 grams
Exercised: 2 times
Exercise Calories: 1268

Jaime xx

Week 34

My week has been somewhat good.  We have been painting at home and it turns out that painting ceilings is really good exercise as well as really hard work.  I would love to say that we will never have to paint a ceiling ever again but unless we get a professional in to do them, we have a few more ceilings to paint.  My loss of 600 grams sits in line with the amount I need to lose every week for the next few weeks to achieve my goal.

I need to stop sometimes and reflect on what I am starting to realise is a wonderful achievement. 
I was asked at a work training session a couple of weeks ago what my greatest achievement in life is and my answer was the first thing that came to mind “my children”, being a parent, nurturing and watching them grow is just amazing but I have to remember that my weight loss is becoming a very significant part of my life.  I have so far lost 26.2% of my starting body weight, that figure rivals some of the biggest loser contestants, they may have been early eliminators but its still a good outcome.
I have done some forward planning (of course) which is really important for my overall goals, this is really important for me because I want this to be forever, I was to be fit and healthy for my children and their children.  I want to live an active full life and not let my weight be a worry anymore. 
Yes i have goals but they are just an aid to get me to where I want to be forever.  Without good planning I was never going to succeed.  And without a fabulous support network I was never going to succeed, I know I bang on about my support network but its really very important.  I wouldn’t be here without my own determination, motivation and willpower however my support network of close friends and family are the other major contributing factor.

Here’s some more stats for you:
72.9kg (4kg away) marks the spot where I will have lost 30% of my body weight  but before that I need to get to my initial goal of 74.2kg.  I will still be “overweight” in terms of the BMI calculator.
69.8kg (my newly adjusted goal) is the spot where I would have lost 33% of my body weight, this also marks the spot where I will no longer be overweight and will be in my healthy BMI range. 

This will truly be something to celebrate, hmmmmm what should I do……go for a run 😉

Last night I was going to try another class at the gym “Body Attack” however I arrived late after reading the wrong time on the timetable so instead I went for a run on the treadmill.  I was quite surprised how well I was doing but I have realised that running on the treadmill is so very boring after my few outdoors runs last month.  I decided to push myself by running at a speed 10 for 5 Min’s, I can remember when I first started back at the gym in early January only being able to jog at a 6.2 and thinking it was so very fast.  I was as red as a beetroot when I was finished, was sweating like a trooper but was so pleased with myself. 
I must endeavour to schedule some time once a week for a road run around the Brisbane River.

Weekly StatsStart Weight: 104.2kg
Weigh in 12/06/13: 0.6kg Loss
Total Loss: 27.3kg in 34 weeks
Current Weight: 76.9kg
Current BMI: 27.6 (started at 37.4)
Total Percentage Weight Loss: 26.20%

Calories Consumed: 9408 (naughty i know……..)
Sugars Consumed (Goal 350): 355 grams
Total Fat (Goal 210): 314 grams
Exercised: 6 times
Exercise Calories: 2796

Jaime xx

I still think like a fat person…………………..

Will it ever change?

Experts suspect that “thinking like a fat person” may happen because the brain hasn’t “caught up” with the new, leaner body, particularly for people who were obese for many years and then experienced rapid weight loss. 
Honestly, I wouldn’t put myself in the “rapid weight loss” category but you get the general idea.

A couple of weeks ago I was out with Mum and was trying on random shirts in Target, I picked up some size 14’s and realised they were too big and settled on a size 12 after trying it on over my clothes in the middle of the shop.  I was really happy, it fitted well and I felt fabulous.

Yesterday I dropped into Target whilst they were having a sale and whilst picking out size 12 shirts that I knew would fit I was astonished when I held them up that this small piece of clothing in front of me would sit, a size 12 definitely seems small when you have been a size 16-18 for a long time!

I walked away with my purchases and when showing a friend she said “those look a little too big for you”.  Although she was wrong (they fit well) I thought she must be crazy, they look too small and I will probably have to return them in the coming days.
This morning I wore one of my new shirts with a new black cardigan to work and to my amazement they fit, the cardigan which I didn’t think I would be able to button up looks amazing and doesn’t stretch when I do up all the buttons. 

It got me thinking though………no matter how much weight I lose, will I still think like a fat girl?
Don’t get me wrong, I feel thin and I know I can buy smaller clothes but I still think fat.

I think my mindset has changed to some degree but I will have to wait for the rest of my brain to catch up, I see myself as a skinnier person in the mirror without that 2nd or 3rd love handle.  I like the look of my thighs when I’m wearing my exercise pants (I have never liked my thighs), I love that my stomach is flatter even though after 2 babies it will probably never be as flat as I would like it to be. 
I love that I have so much more energy for my boys, I am no longer tired or lethargic. 
Just this morning I walked into a pharmacy and went to walk sideways to get through a small gap before realising that I don’t even need to do that anymore. 
My good friend often tells me to stand like a skinny person instead of slouching over which has come from years of being overweight.

I think everyone assumes that when you lose weight you are happy, I am happy but there are still some things that I need to overcome and one is thinking like a skinny girl.

Jaime xx

Green Tea

Do you drink tea?
Do you drink the black stuff? 
Would you change your tea drinking habits if it was beneficial for your health?

Green tea is not something that I would say I liked initially. 
I let it steep (the process of leaving the bag in the cup) for the required amount of time according to the packet and to be brutally honest it was bloody awful.  It tasted like dirt !!

So I started off slow, leaving the bag in for no longer than 30 seconds and worked my way up, these days I can leave the bag in until I have finished the entire cup and it doesn’t bother me at all.

When shopping for Green Tea you will find there is a decaf option available, it depends how “green” you want to go.  Standard green tea has approx 15mg of caffeine per cup compared to 115-175mg in coffee (depending on the strength) or 60mg for black tea so it really is a better low caffeine alternative.  Just remember if you are not a coffee drinker and are taking up caffeine for the first time not to go mad on green tea as you wont be able to sleep at night.  Coffee drinkers switching to green tea should have a more rest full sleep.

You will find there are plenty of varieties of green tea, some of which may be infused with Lemon or Pomegranate such as the new range from Tetley which is also Decaf and very yummy!

Twinings do a Green Tea Range as well as a Fruit & Herbal Infusions Range, my favourites would have to be Green Tea with Lemon and Cranberry & Pomegranate but all of them are great on a cold morning to awaken your senses.

Research shows that drinking green tea can have a positive effect on weight loss, studies show that it can increase your metabolism and your body’s ability to burn fat.
Green Tea is known to have several health benefits, some of these are still debatable but you can make up your own mind.
It order for Green Tea to have some affect on you it is recommended you drink it on a regular basis.
1-2 cups a day of 5-10 for full health benefits.

Here is a list of some of the benefits:

  • Can aid in lowering your total cholesterol levels
  • Can aid in reducing the risk and treatment of rheumatoid arthritis
  • Can help in the repair of your immune system
  • Can help prevent tooth decay
  • Can prevent food poisoning
  • Can aid in regulating glucose levels slowing the rise of blood sugar after eating
  • Can be known to kill cancer cells without damaging healthy tissue around them
  • Can reduce the risk of high blood pressure.
  • The Theanini (amino acid) naturally found in green tea can be relaxing and tranquilizing which can help with depression.
  • Tea Catechins have strong antibacterial and antiviral agents which can be effective in treating anything from the flu to cancer.
  • Can slow the signs of aging with its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory activities.

Like most things, if you are taking medication it might be an idea to check with your GP if you are thinking of starting Green Tea for the first time.

For a added touch to plain green tea, think about infusing it yourself, you could try ginger, lemon, orange or anything else you think tastes great.

Jaime xx

Week 33

This week I was supposed to achieve my original goal of 79.2kg (25kg in total) which I achieved a few weeks ago, its certainly nice to know that I am ahead of my goals.
My next re-adjusted goal is to get to my original overall goal of 74.2kg by the 17th July (originally 11th September then changed to 14th August). 
Will I stop there……..probably not but it was a start when I weighed 104.2kg and any amount of weight loss was overwhelming.  Would I have lost motivation if the original number was closer to 40kg………maybe, maybe not.

A loss is a loss but 300 grams is not enough for me.  I was expecting much more this week with a bit more exercise under my belt, I think I need to focus on cardio as well as my gym classes and really sweat it out.
This week I dropped the ball on my water, there are many excuses but none are really good enough “too busy”, “forgot”, “not enough time”.  None of those excuses sit well with the contract I made myself back in October last year.  I promised to not let everyday things get in the way.  Time to up my game.  Get back on track with my water and lemon and exercise a little more this week.
I will aim for 3000 calories of exercise before Tuesday 11th June.

On a positive, I think I have started a chain reaction, there are several people that I know who either have or I believe have been inspired by my efforts.  Its nice to see that my hard work and motivation is rubbing off on others.  Just this week Mum has started to really focus on tracking her food and a colleague has started walking everyday.  Makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside knowing that someone inspired me back in October and now I am inspiring others 🙂

With the cooler weather in Brisbane I have started having a cup of tea on the way to work in the mornings and I have opted for a milk and sugar free flavoured tea such as Green, Rosehip or a berry infusion.  I will post later in the week about the great benefits of Green Tea and how it can aid in your weight loss journey.

Weekly StatsStart Weight: 104.2kg
Weigh in 05/06/13: 0.3kg Loss
Total Loss: 26.7kg in 33 weeks
Current Weight: 77.5kg
Current BMI: 27.8 (started at 37.4)
Total Percentage Weight Loss: 25.62%

Calories Consumed: 9206
Sugars Consumed (Goal 350): 287 grams
Total Fat (Goal 210): 307 grams
Exercised: 6 times
Exercise Calories: 2175

Jaime xx