Green Tea

Do you drink tea?
Do you drink the black stuff? 
Would you change your tea drinking habits if it was beneficial for your health?

Green tea is not something that I would say I liked initially. 
I let it steep (the process of leaving the bag in the cup) for the required amount of time according to the packet and to be brutally honest it was bloody awful.  It tasted like dirt !!

So I started off slow, leaving the bag in for no longer than 30 seconds and worked my way up, these days I can leave the bag in until I have finished the entire cup and it doesn’t bother me at all.

When shopping for Green Tea you will find there is a decaf option available, it depends how “green” you want to go.  Standard green tea has approx 15mg of caffeine per cup compared to 115-175mg in coffee (depending on the strength) or 60mg for black tea so it really is a better low caffeine alternative.  Just remember if you are not a coffee drinker and are taking up caffeine for the first time not to go mad on green tea as you wont be able to sleep at night.  Coffee drinkers switching to green tea should have a more rest full sleep.

You will find there are plenty of varieties of green tea, some of which may be infused with Lemon or Pomegranate such as the new range from Tetley which is also Decaf and very yummy!

Twinings do a Green Tea Range as well as a Fruit & Herbal Infusions Range, my favourites would have to be Green Tea with Lemon and Cranberry & Pomegranate but all of them are great on a cold morning to awaken your senses.

Research shows that drinking green tea can have a positive effect on weight loss, studies show that it can increase your metabolism and your body’s ability to burn fat.
Green Tea is known to have several health benefits, some of these are still debatable but you can make up your own mind.
It order for Green Tea to have some affect on you it is recommended you drink it on a regular basis.
1-2 cups a day of 5-10 for full health benefits.

Here is a list of some of the benefits:

  • Can aid in lowering your total cholesterol levels
  • Can aid in reducing the risk and treatment of rheumatoid arthritis
  • Can help in the repair of your immune system
  • Can help prevent tooth decay
  • Can prevent food poisoning
  • Can aid in regulating glucose levels slowing the rise of blood sugar after eating
  • Can be known to kill cancer cells without damaging healthy tissue around them
  • Can reduce the risk of high blood pressure.
  • The Theanini (amino acid) naturally found in green tea can be relaxing and tranquilizing which can help with depression.
  • Tea Catechins have strong antibacterial and antiviral agents which can be effective in treating anything from the flu to cancer.
  • Can slow the signs of aging with its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory activities.

Like most things, if you are taking medication it might be an idea to check with your GP if you are thinking of starting Green Tea for the first time.

For a added touch to plain green tea, think about infusing it yourself, you could try ginger, lemon, orange or anything else you think tastes great.

Jaime xx


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