I still think like a fat person…………………..

Will it ever change?

Experts suspect that “thinking like a fat person” may happen because the brain hasn’t “caught up” with the new, leaner body, particularly for people who were obese for many years and then experienced rapid weight loss. 
Honestly, I wouldn’t put myself in the “rapid weight loss” category but you get the general idea.

A couple of weeks ago I was out with Mum and was trying on random shirts in Target, I picked up some size 14’s and realised they were too big and settled on a size 12 after trying it on over my clothes in the middle of the shop.  I was really happy, it fitted well and I felt fabulous.

Yesterday I dropped into Target whilst they were having a sale and whilst picking out size 12 shirts that I knew would fit I was astonished when I held them up that this small piece of clothing in front of me would sit, a size 12 definitely seems small when you have been a size 16-18 for a long time!

I walked away with my purchases and when showing a friend she said “those look a little too big for you”.  Although she was wrong (they fit well) I thought she must be crazy, they look too small and I will probably have to return them in the coming days.
This morning I wore one of my new shirts with a new black cardigan to work and to my amazement they fit, the cardigan which I didn’t think I would be able to button up looks amazing and doesn’t stretch when I do up all the buttons. 

It got me thinking though………no matter how much weight I lose, will I still think like a fat girl?
Don’t get me wrong, I feel thin and I know I can buy smaller clothes but I still think fat.

I think my mindset has changed to some degree but I will have to wait for the rest of my brain to catch up, I see myself as a skinnier person in the mirror without that 2nd or 3rd love handle.  I like the look of my thighs when I’m wearing my exercise pants (I have never liked my thighs), I love that my stomach is flatter even though after 2 babies it will probably never be as flat as I would like it to be. 
I love that I have so much more energy for my boys, I am no longer tired or lethargic. 
Just this morning I walked into a pharmacy and went to walk sideways to get through a small gap before realising that I don’t even need to do that anymore. 
My good friend often tells me to stand like a skinny person instead of slouching over which has come from years of being overweight.

I think everyone assumes that when you lose weight you are happy, I am happy but there are still some things that I need to overcome and one is thinking like a skinny girl.

Jaime xx


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