Browsing the local farmers market in Brisbane City last week I came across Passion fruit. 

10 for $5 and although that’s still a little more than I would like to pay I absolutely love passion fruit and can’t wait for this time of year when they are plentiful and delicious.

Passion fruit also goes great in your daily smoothies, it has a very distinct flavour

Amoung other things Passion fruit is a rich source of antioxidants, vitamin c and vitamin a
Another great thing about passion fruit is that it is supposed to possess somniferous properties which when taken before rest can aid in a more restful sleep.
Passion fruit contains seeds which contain high amounts of fiber which will aid in cleansing the colon and improve digestion. make sure you drink plenty of water if you are thinking of eating a few in one go.

100grams of Passion fruit is approx 96cals so its a great snack, generally this is approx 5 passion fruits.

The best way to eat passion fruit is with a spoon however it’s really nice in recipes and they don’t always need to be bad………check out the healthy recipe options below.


Jaime xx



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