The dreaded P word…….Plateau

Not sure who I was having this conversation with, probably a work colleague however he was quite amazed that I had lost 27kg.  It’s not hard to see that I have lost that amount of weight but when you work with someone everyday you don’t see a “big transformation” and it’s often not noticeable.

I see people that I haven’t seen in a while and they are amazed at the amount of weight I have lost but when I show colleagues a photo of me at 104kg they are quite amazed that they even knew me at that weight.  To me, that’s a little weird.  I always thought that everyone knew I was overweight, that when they were interacting with me that they were thinking “shes so fat”, “she could lose a few kg’s”, “shes got a pretty face, if only she wasn’t overweight”……you get the general idea right.
Well, from what I have observed most people just don’t seem to care.
Anyway, I am rambling now.

So, back to my colleague, after the initial shock of finding out that I’d lost 27kg he asked if I had plateaued to which I responded with a “no”.  My response was based on the fact that even though I had started to lose less of a week I was still losing weight, apart from the weeks that I really wasn’t focused on food and exercise and had let things slip.  I was still losing weight.  My tracker shows a downwards line from the time I started to now,  there has never been a solid line where I just haven’t lost anything.
Anyway, his question got me thinking……What is a plateau?
Does it have to be no movement what so ever or am I in a plateau now and just don’t know about it.  So off I go to Google to find some answers, this is what i found:

A plateua is when your body no longer loses weight despite continuing with your exercise and healthy eating.
Its extremely common for anyone trying to lose weight to get to a weight loss plateau at some point.

From what I have read I haven’t yet reached a plateau, a plateau is most commonly a period of at least 2 weeks where there is no change in body weight.  As such I should count myself lucky that this hasn’t happened yet however as I get closer to my ideal body weight it should be something that I consider when those scales don’t show me a number that is less than the week before.

A lot of sources also tell me that a good way to get over a plateau is to record every single morsel of food or drink that passes your lips and given this is something that I already do religiously then maybe that’s why I haven’t had a plateau as yet. 
It’s very easy for portion sizes to creep up and to guesstimate how much food you are consuming. 
I have said this before and I will say it again, its OK to guesstimate when I am maintaining but for the meantime whilst I am still losing I need to be honest and stay on track.

A couple of things you can try if you think you are plateauing is to mix things up a little, if you are running or walking switch to something like a class at the gym a few days a week.  Do you ride a bike 3 times a week?  Maybe think about doing some laps at your local pool instead. 

Try new foods, make a new meal once a week to shock your body into something new.  You will be surprised how much a couple of small changes to your routine can change things up in the weight loss department.

Jaime xx


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