Week 37

Did I reach for the M&M’s……….too right I did.  I was offering a couple to my youngest son when I found my hand reaching inside the tin, I had 2 in my hot little hand before realising what I was doing and put them back.  I was so proud of myself.

This week I got back on track.  I have been really focused with my food and like always I have been very honest with myself.  I did have 2 squares of dark chocolate earlier in the week with a few strawberries after dinner to ease a craving which was a much better choice than a few other bits and pieces I could have chosen.

Yummy Cupcakes. 
From Left: Banana, Caramel & Chocolate
all with Vanilla Buttercream

Its amazing how my mind is back on being good.  We had a work morning tea this week and I made 36 beautiful cupcakes and tried a new caramel recipe and I know it was nice because I licked the bowl but I made a sacrifice to lick that bowl and made sure I tracked my bad food choice 😉
After all, I am only human………right??

I went to morning tea with my 36 beautiful cupcakes in hand and had my mandarin and 2 plain biscuits, I was so determined this week.  I am so close I can smell victory.
This may sound a little extreme but I even turned down blueberries during the week, I did this on principal.  I have been tracking a day in advance to make sure I plan well and was not tempted and although the blueberries are very low in calories it was more so that I didn’t deviate from my plan and kept to what I knew.
There was even room in my diet this week for a homemade pizza, so Sunday I made an amazing dough and it was delicious but word of warning…….just because its homemade and I have the calories required doesn’t mean I should eat 4 pieces.  I was feeling very ordinary on Monday morning, I felt sluggish and my body was telling me not to eat that much bread in one sitting ever again!

The next week will bring more challenges, more healthy eating and more exercise. 
My goal is to walk outside of my normal daily routine at least once a day, hopefully for at least 15 minutes and to attend 3 gym classes.
I need to keep up my lemon water intake now that I have managed to get it back to a good amount daily and not to let it slip again.

Size 12

Oh and I had to share, its been a long time coming but I am now officially a size 12 with pants, tops and cardigans all in size 12. 
I have started to purchase a few size 10’s but they are a little on the tight side for the moment. 
No size 18 here anymore!I cant believe I have gone from a size 18 to a size 12 in 37 weeks.

Weekly Stats:
Start Weight: 104.2kg
Weigh in 02/07/13: 0.9kg Loss
Total Loss: 28.6kg in 37 weeks
Current Weight: 75.6 kg
Current BMI: 27.1 (started at 37.4)
Total Percentage Weight Loss: 27.45%
Calories Consumed: 9091 Super happy to be under 9100 again
Sugars Consumed (Goal 350): 359
Total Fat (Goal 210): 245 grams
Exercised: 8 times
Exercise Calories: 2704 cals
Jaime xx

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