Week 40

Week 40…….just wow!!
I didn’t make goal last week and probably wont for a few weeks but I will get there, this is not a race, its a contract for life.
I have been counting calories and have been at this for 40 weeks.  It seems like a long time and if you had asked me back on the 17th of October 2012 if I would still be doing this in 40 weeks time I would have told you No.  There is no way I had the determination and will back then, its amazing how being on a journey can change your thought process. 
I am so glad that I broke this journey down into smaller goals and milestones as I am sure this has been the key to my success.  Yes success.  Sometimes I feel like a failure but I just have to stop and take stock of what I have achieved in 40 weeks.  I have almost lost 30% of my body weight.  I have created a much healthier, happy and much more energetic person and its starting to rub off on people.  I feel like a better Wife and Mum.  We definitely lead a much healthier lifestyle, we do a lot more physical activities with the boys on a weekend and are leading by example for our 2 wonderful boys.
My husband is loosing weight at a pace which is good for him, he is now down to 76kg and feeling much healthier and has much more energy.  We are more conscious about what goes in our mouths and the boys.  So enough of that, how was my week……….

Manly Lota, Brisbane Bayside

I found myself very cranky on the weekend and I put it down to the lack of exercise, I was craving the gym or any type of physical activity so we decided that whilst my parents had our eldest son for the day on Sunday we would take our littlest boy for a big walk along Manly/Lota on Brisbane’s Bayside. It was a stunning Brisbane Winters day and the almost 6km walk was wonderful, we didn’t go for speed, just for distance, it was a beautiful morning followed by a lovely pub lunch at the Manly Hotel, I am pretty sure that Master almost 2 loves to people watch because he is just so quiet in the pram. 
There were so many other families out riding, roller blading, scootering and walking, it was really nice to see so many people out and about on a Sunday morning.
My plan in the coming months is to get myself a decent bike so we too can spend Sunday mornings out having a ride.
I have eyed up a bike that I like but without somewhere to store it at the moment its not the best time to buy, I will wait until the next sale and will also get a toddler seat for the back.  Master 3.5 will be old enough soon to ride along with us and we also have a bike trailer we can use if we so wish.  Cant wait to go for some longer rides as the boys get older.

Weekly Stats:
Start Weight: 104.2kg
Weigh in 24/07/13: 0.6kg Gain
Total Loss: 28.1kg in 40 weeks
Current Weight: 76.1 kg
Current BMI: 27.3 (started at 37.4)
Total Percentage Weight Loss: 26.97%
Calories Consumed: 9648
Sugars Consumed (Goal 350): 442
Total Fat (Goal 210): 264 grams
Exercised: 3 times
Exercise Calories: 973 cals
Jaime xx

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