Week 41 – Day 1

This week I am going to post every day. 
I need to keep myself accountable, food and exercise needs to be front and centre.
My new goal for 74.2kg is Wednesday 7th August, I can do this.

Here goes…..

Today I was disappointed with my 600gram gain, I have again convinced myself that the scales are broken but I know there not.  Its just an excuse 😦
I will not let this affect me, I will get on with the job and move forward.

I have posted a picture up on my wall at work and it says it all
“Keep Calm and Focus on the Finish”
Focus is what I need.

I did go out for lunch today however had my standard semi healthy dish of Chicken Pad Thai.  It was a few blocks walk to and from lunch and not enough exercise for today however I went to the gym tonight for Body Step and work very hard.

I made the decision today to spend the money on a heart rate monitor so I can more accurately manage what my calorie burn is, I think that on the days I do a lot of exercise (in excess of 600 cals) I need to be eating back a little more than I currently do.  With online buying, cheap and speedy postage its so easy to get these sort of things and when you are a busy mum who works full time sometimes its hard to get to the shops.

Dinner tonight is a super healthy meal of Salt & Pepper Tofu, Smoked Salmon and Tomato/Cucumber salsa.
Its a staple in our house and ever so tasty, also surprisingly filling.

Daily Stats:
Calories Consumed: 1373
Sugars Consumed (Goal 50): 63 grams
Total Fat (Goal 30) 38 grams
Exercised Minutes: 60 Min’s
Exercise Calories: 646 cals
Steps: 14082
Net Calories: 573 cals
Jaime xx

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