Week 41 – Day 4

We had a busy day out this morning.

I tagged along with Mum and Dad and the boys as they went along to watch my nephew sing with his choir at his school fete.
I rode with my eldest in a motorized car whilst poppy took the little fella, we had heaps of fun.
After watching the kids sing we headed out and were measured by the police mans radar gun.  My eldest ran 11km an hour, pretty good for a 3.5 year old and the littliest one loved the wee wars (sirens).  We also managed to get a scooter for $2 and enjoyed the afternoon at our local reservoir scooting around.
It’s been a good day with food, a couple of sneaky hot chips at the fete but everything tracked. 
No exercise as such but out and about for a lot of the day.
Daily Stats:

Calories Consumed: 1336
Sugars Consumed (Goal 50):  44 grams
Total Fat (Goal 30)  66 grams
Exercised Minutes: none
Exercise Calories: none
Steps: 9597
Net Calories: -36
Jaime xx

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