Week 41 – Day 7

I do a lot of thinking whilst exercising but I also do a lot of thinking whilst in the shower.  I cant hear much so its a perfect time to think.  This morning whilst in the shower I was thinking about my goal present, I ordered it a while ago and it arrived yesterday.  Its a circle of love pendant with the boys names stamped on it.  I tried it on last night and its beautiful but I told myself I couldn’t have it until reaching my initial 30kg weight loss goal of 74.2kg. 
So this morning it was front and centre of my thoughts, like a kid on Christmas Eve, waiting, impatiently and I am very impatient. 
I realised whilst deep in thought that my new 30kg goal date was the 7th of August and today is the 30th of July.  What that means is that after weigh in day tomorrow I only have a week to get to goal.  This thought process has really struck something inside of me.  If I cant lift heavy stuff because of my wrist injury then I will have to get stuck into cardio, no excuses!

Yesterday I was using MyFitnessPal on my desktop which is unusual as I do most of my tracking on my iPhone.  What I discovered is that you can adjust your Food Settings to show different meal names, previously I had Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner & Snacks.  As you can see I have now changed that to reflect how I eat during the day.  Breakfast, Morning Tea, Lunch, Afternoon Tea, Dinner & Dessert.  I know dessert shouldn’t be something I have but sometimes I feel like something after dinner and this way I will be able to track the choices I am making and maybe change them if need be.

Before lunch today,  I headed out for a big walk around the river over to South Bank and managed 4.61km in 42mins. 
My HRM ‘Pinkie’ was great, I kept an eye on it making sure never to let it drop below 110 BPM. 
I came back to work and decided on my fail safe pantry lunch – a rice cup, a can of chicken and a bag of steamed veg.  It was so nice and I really appreciated it after working so hard on my walk.

Off to the Physio tonight to get my wrist looked at, will be interested to get a verdict.  Fingers crossed with some exercises I can get back into Body Pump and Super Circuit at the gym. 
In the meantime I am going to try a Spin Class. 
Disclaimer: I hate exercise bikes to death but I will give it a go. 
Whats 45 mins right???  I will answer that after my class on Thursday.

Am I nervous about weigh in day tomorrow?  Hell YES!! Not sure that I will have much of a loss but I am now really motivated to get to 74.2 by 7th August.

Daily Stats: 

Calories Consumed: 1255
Sugars Consumed (Goal 50): 61 grams
Total Fat (Goal 30) 28 grams
Exercised Minutes: 42 mins
Exercise Calories: 272 cals
Steps:  10380
Net Calories: 317

Jaime xx


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