Week 41 – Weigh In Day

So today is the day, I was extremely nervous and was pretty sure I would gain.  I am not in a good mind set when it comes to the scales at the moment.
This morning I really struggled to get onto those scales, I was completely convinced it wouldn’t be a good result, I even told Hubby to weigh in first cause I just couldn’t face another let down.
I was however pleasantly surprised…….75.3kg.  It’s the lowest weight to date. 
Although I have had a few up and down weeks, I am still losing…..albeit very slowly.

I’m not sure what has worked well this week, has it been that I made a conscious effort to do more exercise and to push myself more or was it because for the first time in 41 weeks I made the decision to eat back some of my exercise calories on the days that I burn more than 300 cals. 
I will keep doing what I am doing and will increase my exercise more again this week.
I finally feel like I am on track but I know this week will challenge me. I have cupcakes to make for a work colleague and a 2nd Birthday Cake for my littlest boy for Sunday. I must not eat any off cuts of cake or the icing whilst baking and decorating.  I already know what the cake will taste like, i don’t need to test it and same goes with the tried and true icing recipe.

I am writing down my exercise plan here and now to keep myself accountable.  With a really busy week ahead I need to keep to my plan and not let anything get in the way.  I wrote myself that contract and one of the things it says is:
When there is a conflict between my exercise and eating plans and what other people want me to do, I will negotiate to find a reasonable solution that allows me to do what I need to do for myself”

I have this and I can do this!!

Wednesday 31st July:  Body Step 1 hr – approx cal burn 600-650
Thursday 1st August:  Spin Class 45 mins – unsure of cal burn (haven’t done this class before)
Friday 2nd August:  Super Circuit 1 hr – approx cal burn 600-650
Saturday 3rd August: Walk with hubby and eldest one 45-60 mins – approx cal burn 250-300
Sunday 4th August: Party day so very busy but only incidental exercise
Monday 5th August:  Body Step 1 hr – approx cal burn 600-650
Tuesday 6th August: 4-5km walk during the day – approx cal burn 250-300

Thought I would also update you on my wrist:
I saw the physio yesterday afternoon and thankfully he doesn’t think I have tendinitis.  The bad news is that we are not entirely sure what it is.  After moving my wrist around for a few minutes he managed to find the sore spot, there are several small bones and ligaments and any of them could be causing the pain.  He has strapped it and wants me to keep it strapped for the week, if it improves we will keep strapping it until it’s better.  If it gets any worse he will send me to a Muscular Skeletal Physio who will refer me for a CT scan on the smaller parts of my wrist.
He has asked me to go back to the gym and continue weights however making sure I keep within my limitations.  I am pretty good with this having suffered from Bursitis in my shoulder. 

Super Circuit here I come!!  Cant wait.  I love that class.

Weekly Stats:
Start Weight: 104.2kg

Weigh in 31/07/13: 0.8kg Loss
Total Loss: 28.9kg in 41 weeks
Current Weight: 75.3 kg
Current BMI: 27 (started at 37.4)
Total Percentage Weight Loss: 27.74%
Calories Consumed: 9557
Sugars Consumed (Goal 350): 423
Total Fat (Goal 210): 265 grams
Exercised: 8 times
Exercise Calories: 2472 cals

Jaime xx

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