Week 42 – Day 3

Hungry again today.  Whats with this!!  Maybe the added banana to my cereal in the morning isn’t a good idea.  I seem to be starving all day long.

Today I had a picnic over the bridge from work in the park with a few work colleagues which included a glass of wine.  I’m a pretty cheap drunk these days, it only takes one.  Must remember not to drink when I have to go back to work and concentrate.  Nothing a few big glasses of water didn’t fix.

With 2 unwell little boys we didnt go to Super Circuit tonight (it seems that the universe is against me on this one), instead I will tackle my first ever spin class early tomorrow morning and depending on how I pull up I will do pump directly afterwards.

I had to bake cakes tonight and made sure that I didn’t taste any mixture, lick and bowls or spoons, after all thats for the kids…………right??  Ok I may have licked a little bit 😉

I cleaned the house from top to bottom tonight.  Tidied, dusted, wiped, re-arranged, cleaned, scrubbed, vacuumed and moped………phew.  Relaxing watching master chef encore whilst the floors dry then off to bed.

Daily Stats:

Calories Consumed: 1481
Sugars Consumed (Goal 50): 77 grams
Total Fat (Goal 30) 32 grams
Exercised Minutes: 90 mins cleaning
Exercise Calories: 310 calories
Steps: 14718
Net Calories: 129

Jaime xx


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