Week 42 – Day 5

If i thought yesterday was busy today was even worse but so worth it.

Today we started with a ride on a steam train for my son’s 2nd birthday.  His actual birthday is later in the week but he absolutely loves anything trains including Thomas so we decided this would be a great part of his birthday present.

It was an absolute Stella morning out, the boys had a ball and it was heaps of fun for the parents & grandparents too. 

We had plans to go to a nearby park however lack of parking meant we had to chose another venue with even worse parking so we headed to the park under Brisbane’s Story Bridge and finally found a park and had a lovely relaxed BBQ with “that cake” for dessert.  I must admit I had a bit of cake whilst cooking but I figured as long as I tracked and did my exercise it would be OK.  I am still accountable for my actions.

The look on my little ones face when he saw the cake for the first time was priceless.  I don’t think he realised it was even a cake until we starting singing and cut into it and he realised he could eat it.

After a big day we headed home for a rest but my eldest had other plans so we stayed awake watching some tele before I headed out for essential lunch ingredients for the week.

Great day all around but I didn’t drink nearly enough water resulting in a very dehydrated and tired mummy at the end of the day.

Daily Stats:

Calories Consumed: 1469 had my cake and ate it too
Sugars Consumed (Goal 50): 99grams
Total Fat (Goal 30)  31 grams
Exercised Minutes: 
Exercise Calories: 
Steps: 12232
Net Calories: -169

Jaime xx


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