Week 42 – Day 6

Today started in a big rush with a big bad attitude.  Hubby was staying home so I wasn’t as prepared as normal and got myself in a state over it.
I was late leaving the house as the boys were a little non compliant this morning probably because of my bad mood.  There are 2 sets of lights between home and kindy and of course I got the red light both times (which never happens).  At kindy the boys wanted extra kisses which I will never deny, leaving kindy I got another red light just before the petrol light told me I only had 22km worth of fuel left, off to the servo I went and I was a little worked up by the time I got there. 
Why was I worked up?  Today was Day 3 of the month and a Monday. The finance part of my role means I do a load into our finance system everyday however on a Monday I do Friday, Saturday & Sunday, on top of that Day 3 is the busiest day of the month for me with a midday deadline. 
Whilst standing at the service station pumping the fuel I realised that I didn’t need to stress or get worked up, instead I would calm myself, get a bottle of flavoured mineral water and when I got to the car park I would walk to work instead of catching the train the 2 stops into the city. 
By the time I got to work, albeit an hour later than usual I felt much better.  I was relaxed and ready for my busy morning.  On top of that I managed a 2.5km walk.

We had a team lunch out to celebrate a colleagues birthday and this time I held the fries.  I generally get them and although I intend on not eating many or all of them I end up polishing off the lot.  Today I asked for extra salad and my meal was fabulous. 
A piece of marinated chicken breast and a whole pile of salad, all washed down with 2 glasses of water and no wine.
Today I had to be good, today I had to redeem myself for my food choices yesterday. 
This is not a diet, its about thinking consciously about food and making sure I burn off what I need to or make a healthier choice the next day.

After walking back to the car this afternoon and not taking the bus or train and clocking up another 2.5km I was starving by the time I got home, I had a small slice of the pizza the boys had for dinner tracking it of course.  Given the high amounts of exercise today I was happy with my calorie intake.

A step class at the gym had me working really hard and with a couple of new tracks tonight it was fun but I didn’t seem to burn as many calories.  Big calorie day all round though so pretty happy.

Dinner was a throw together of 1/2 veggie pattie, 2 veggie sausages and a couple of eggs on a slice of toast.

Daily Stats:
Calories Consumed: 1522

Sugars Consumed (Goal 50): 90 grams
Total Fat (Goal 30)  63 grams
Exercised Minutes: 107 mins
Exercise Calories: 880 cals
Steps: 18,128
Net Calories: 658

Jaime xx


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