Week 42 – Day 7

Its weigh in day tomorrow and the self doubt is starting to creep in again.  I am already fearful of the scales tomorrow morning.  I have not had 2 loses in a row now for many weeks and the trend is starting to scare me.
I know I cant dwell on it but its something that is front and centre at the moment.

I went for a big walk at lunch time today, nearly 5km.

Busy night getting everything ready for a busy day at work tomorrow.  Tidied the house as I am trying to keep on top of the housework and not letting the house get so untidy come Friday afternoon.

Was pretty good with food today making sure to have a healthy lunch and a good dinner.  One of the lowest calorie days all week.

Daily Stats:

Calories Consumed: 1328

Sugars Consumed (Goal 50): 80 grams
Total Fat (Goal 30)  22 grams
Exercised Minutes: 42 mins
Exercise Calories: 272 cals
Steps: 12,745
Net Calories: 244

Jaime xx


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