Week 44 – Weigh in day

My week started off really well, Wednesday was show holiday in Brisbane so it was off to kindy with the boys and hubby and I had a day off together.  I love my children very much but having a child free day every now and then is just bliss.
We had a healthy breakfast then headed off to the gym for a double gym class.  First up was Spin, my second time and hubbies first.  I felt I worked harder this time and did a great job clocking up 452 cals.  Second class was Body Combat which neither of us had done and within a few minutes hubby was out, it was too fast paced so he went and did a weights circuit instead.  I really enjoyed this class, it was a little similar to Body Step however much more fast paced and with a lot of kicking and punching my body was sure to feel it in the coming days, I had thought about giving up and walking out twice but kept thinking back to my calorie burn and after the hour, when I walked out drenched in sweat and not looking very pretty at all I had burned 598 cals which gave me a total calorie burn of 1050 in 1 hr and 45 mins.  I was suitably impressed with myself.
After a quick final visit to the physio for my wrist we headed out for a buffet lunch at a local restaurant.  Although I counted my calories and didn’t eat bad food I probably had a bit too much meat and the soft serve ice cream for dessert was probably not required I felt good for the fact that I had done so much exercise before hand.  I did however now have a “food baby” and had to have a nana nap which resulted in a “food coma” which I struggled to wake from. 

The rest of the week has been a little bit of a struggle, with Mum out of action for the next few months after ankle surgery we will have to plan a bit more around our trips to the gym.  Once a week Mum watches both the boys whilst we go to Super Circuit together so we might have to alternate weeks.  I have found one of the biggest things on my journey is great planning and with things changing a little we just have to keep on top of things.

I managed my 3rd spin class on Saturday morning and I worked really hard, getting my best calorie burn from that class yet of 560 cals.  It did help that I was sitting in front of the instructor who knows I am struggling to get to goal so she was pushing me quite a bit.

We had a really busy day on Saturday with a family photo shoot near Sea World on the Gold Coast and dinner at a colleagues house, we don’t usually take the boys out after normal bed times however we decided to take them along and I was super impressed with their behaviour.  I indulged in dessert but tracked everything.

Friends of Mum & Dads arrived from NZ last night so we headed down the Gold Coast to our favourite market for breakfast, we had a lovely time, the boys had their faces painted like spider men and we got a few bits and pieces.  A quick trip back through Surfers Paradise followed by a very busy afternoon making dinner, dessert and a few home made jams and marmalade’s.
I needed to work hard over the coming days to make up for a few indulgences as well as a lack of exercise. 

Monday was Body Step and I have decided to only do one of these classes a week, all the turning is not good for my knees and I feel like I need a change for something else.

Tuesday was Body Combat again, I had to go to a different gym and pay a $5 fee but I think it will be worth it for the change.  I really enjoyed the session earlier in the week.

Weekly Stats:
Start Weight: 104.2kg

Weigh in 21/08/13: 0.8kg Gain
Total Loss: 28.3kg in 44 weeks
Current Weight: 75.9 kg
Current BMI: 27.2 (started at 37.4)
Total Percentage Weight Loss: 27.16%
Calories Consumed: 11,722
Sugars Consumed (Goal 350): 483 grams
Total Fat (Goal 210): 362 grams
Exercised: 10 times
Exercise Calories: 3,460 cals

Jaime xx
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