Week 45 – Weigh in Day

This week was tough.  I struggled with not feeling well and wanting to eat really badly.  Why do I always crave bad food when I am sick? I don’t really eat a lot of chocolate but give me sickness and I NEED chocolate and biscuits and anything else I can get my hands on and yes I tracked it all.  I was over on several days but I was and am always honest with my calories.

Thursday night I did a double gym class which was great, I felt really good after 2 hours of spin and body pump and I worked really hard.

I had a good week food wise however have decided that eating back my exercise calories is just not working.  This constant losing and gaining every other week is getting me down.  I know my body is changing and I am seeing changes in measurements so I am trying not to get bogged down by what is shown on the scales.

I haven’t done a lot of exercise this week being sick and don’t know that I will get a lot done in the coming days but I will try with all my mite!!

Weekly Stats:
Start Weight: 104.2kg

Weigh in 28/08/13: 0.5kg Loss
Total Loss: 28.8kg in 45 weeks
Current Weight: 75.4 kg
Current BMI: 27 (started at 37.4)
Total Percentage Weight Loss: 27.64%
Calories Consumed: 10,973
Sugars Consumed (Goal 350): 574 grams
Total Fat (Goal 210): 323 grams
Exercised: 7 times
Exercise Calories: 2,120 cals

Jaime xx
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