Those things that hang from your upper arm…………

Arm fat, blubber, excess flab, bat wings, tuck shop lady arms, muscles that waves, McJiggles, Rump Lumps, Double Chubble, Arm Charm, Bingo Wings, Arm wobble……….you get the picture!!
I’m talking about the overabundance of flabby fatty skin which hangs down between ones elbow and shoulder as the urban dictionary so politely puts it.

Lets be honest, most of us have it and although mine is shrinking it’s still there and I still hate it.  I don’t hate it as much as I did 45 or so weeks ago and would cover it up at all cost but I have a dislike for it still. 
I am empowered by the fact that I now have muscle above it thanks to my super circuit and pump classes but I will be doing everything in my power to reduce it as much as I can. 

My research tells me that tricep exercises are the way to go and to do them frequently. 
I think there is a huge misconception out there that woman who “lift” will end up really bulky but its not the case.
Woman do not have the amount of testosterone which is necessary to build large muscles like men do.  Testosterone is the reason why men can build large muscles.
The best way to think of it is that resistance training is toning.  You tone “build” muscles by strengthening them.  Strong muscles have a healthy attractive toned appearance, they are not bulky.
“Bulky” muscles are built from high volume, heavy weight lifting.  Lower volume resistance training which is lower weights with high volume repetition will build strong toned muscle not bulky ones.

These are my top 3 tips for exercising those flabby arms based on my own exercise regime, please seek the guidance of a professional if you are unsure.

Side lifts, overhead lifts or push ups.

Side lifts use 2 small dumbbells or paver weights.  Hold your arms at your side and lift straight out to the side until your arms are at the same height as your shoulders.  If you feel any discomfort before reaching that point lower the weight you are lifting. 
Hold for 2 seconds before lowering your arms back to your side.  3 sets of 10 is a great start.

Overhead lifts tone your arms and are great for the underside of your upper arm.
You can either use 2 small weights or one larger weight.  Lift your arms up and bend at the elbow, you elbows should be next to the top of your head and your forearms should be behind your head.  Slowly lift the weights or single weight extending your arms to they are up high and in line with your shoulders.  Only do as many as you can without any pain.

For anyone who doesn’t have weights at home you could try using small cans of food, drink bottles filled with water or to make them heavier you could add sand.  Hand weights and kettle bells can be picked up fairly cheaply these days from the likes of Kmart of BigW.

Finally, push ups are undoubtedly the best exercise for arm toning.  Start on the floor with your palms flat and directly below your shoulders.  If you are new to push ups then start on your knees until you are strong enough to move up to your toes.  Lower yourself to the ground, bending your arms out from the body.  Slowly lifting yourself back up using your upper body strength.  10 reps is a good place to start and increase as you become stronger.

Jaime xx


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