Changing my calorie intake

I have decided to change my calorie intake.  I feel I need to eat a little more however I just need to make sure I am eating the right foods.  I have been on 1300 calories (9100 per week) since January this year and am always very honest about what I eat making sure I log everything. 
I have decided to change my calories to 1430 which seems like an odd amount however its just over 10,000 for the week.  Fingers crossed my body doesn’t go haywire.

Instead of M&M’s and marshmallows and anything else I can get my hands on I should be eating a energy bite or a piece of fruit. 

I have some dark chocolate in the house and yes I will be having some from time to time however I think a treat of 50 cals will be ok if only in small doses.

I have purchased some Be Natural Trail Bars with whole grains and will reach for one of those if I have a craving for something naughty.  Great snack at 115 cals.
I have been having these in the afternoons on work days and they seem to give me plenty of energy to get me through my gym sessions in the afternoons.

Something else i have done is started to have a banana with my cereal in the morning, I am not a big fan of bananas but don’t mind them mixed with other things.  That alone seems to be helping me get closer to lunch without snacking.


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