A new food plan

Wow, so much food!!
My personal trainer has given me a small food plan that I am going to give a go.  I am not one for protein powder so that’s already been dropped out of the plan but everything else I will give a go.

Yesterday I did the food shopping and it
wasn’t hard, most of the foods I already buy
and we eat on a weekly basis however there
were a few subtle changes. 
A few different vegetables and a small dose of dairy in the form of yoghurt
(lets see how that goes first).   
I must admit, I get such great satisfaction
from seeing our fully stocked fridge
on a Sunday afternoon. 
I tend to struggle a little on Saturday’s as its generally fairly empty and we are pulling at straws to find healthy options.
I love that I fill both the fruit and vege bin on a Sunday and as a family we
consume almost all of it before the next grocery shop

One thing I have noticed with the eating plan and may struggle with is the lack of fruit (notice I don’t call it a diet, because its not).  I tend to eat 3-4 pieces a day and this plan only allows 2 in the form of berries.  I’m not sure that will be enough for me but we’ll see.

When I packed our lunch boxes last night, mine slightly different to Hubby’s which had more meat, there was A LOT of food. 
This photo is just the food I bought to work, I will consume 2 more meals at home.

Oats and egg for breakfast (couldn’t fit the banana)
Cucumber & Celery with cold meat and cruskets for morning tea
Chicken, slim pasta, steamed veg and sweet potato for lunch
Salad, cucumber and cruskets for afternoon tea
Dinner will be a standard menu item for us which is Non-GMO tofu with smoked salmon
Dessert will be Greek yoghurt with berries.

Phew, it sounds like a lot but including the banana and any condiments it comes out at 1394 calories so I am pretty stoked. 
I think it will feel like I am eating all day and it will be interesting to see if I feel full at the end of my work day.  I may save my banana for just before my spin class tonight. 

I’m fairly positive that this very clean and fresh eating plan will give me the results that I am wanting.

Jaime xx


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