What can I say besides AWESOME.

I guess it really started for me a few days earlier when I decided that I should probably go and do a couple of runs to make sure I was fit enough and I was.  I was pretty happy with my results. 
They were interval runs with some small walks in between but with times of 36:15 & 35:12 for just over 5km I was really happy.  I knew that the running part was fine, now to worry about the obstacles.

It was going to be a pretty early start with the race venue over an hour and quarter from home.  We needed to be registered and at the start line for our 9am race by 8:45am which meant leaving home before 6:30am.  With our bags packed the night before, snacks and water on board for all, we set off.  I must admit I got a little nervous as we got closer to Woodfordia, I wasn’t nervous about the electrocution tentacles obstacle but about the Ice Bath.  OMG, what have I got myself into. 

On arrival at the venue there were attendants parking us and because we were in the first wave for the day everything was very seem less and well organised.  I thought registration was easy and given we had family as spectators we didn’t have to worry about using the cloakroom.  We had our race numbers written on our arms, our bibs pinned to our chest, after kisses and cuddles to my 2 gorgeous little and 1 big race supporters as well as my parents we were off.

I also made a special shirt for my race, our team was “The Flaming Marshmallows” and on the back of my shirt I had a message about my weight loss.  I was and still am very proud of my achievements.

What I expected of The Stampede and what I got were 2 very different things. 

OH my goodness my body was so sore the next day.  The terrain was not what i expected or had trained for, it was hilly and very rough and rocky.  There was not much running on flat solid ground………….at all!!
The obstacles were not at all the hard part, they were the fun and all so very different.

We crawled under a rope through mud, we ran over pads in a dam and when I fell off i got a mouth full of  what tasted like poo water (yuck), a see saw, a rope climb over a bus, a very slippery fire mans pole just after walking up a very very steep hill, a tyre climb, and then that ice bath.  I have never experience such cold, EVER.  We climbed up and in, it felt OK on my tired hot body until i realised i had to put my entire body under the water, I closed my eyes and blocked my nose and went under, when I came up the other side I felt very disorientation and I could hardly feel my arms.  When I came up out of the water I heard a friend of mine yelling “Go Jaime”, it was then that I realised that people i knew could see the horrified look on my face from that awfully cold water.
I was not at all worried about the electrocution tentacles and as it turned out I didn’t get a single shock.  
One of the best obstacles was to navigate under a car, through a van and then a bonnet slide which was fabulous although I did forget to put my feet to the ground and landed flat on my arse.

A black cave, an a-frame rope climb and a super slippery slide followed by Sunday roast (running over a small fire pit) and of course a bit more mud for good measure in the form of crawling through it again under barbed wire to the finish line.

The proudest moment was when I was crawling through the mud and I heard my supporters, the first person I heard was my Dad calling “Go Jaime” followed by my husband and good friends Nic & Stace.

My hobby of cake decorating even got a look in

Thanks to my wonderful team mates Tamara, Michael, Darren & especially Rus who only did this to support me in my weight loss journey.  We had a fabulous morning out followed by a great lunch at the park.

To my amazing family: My wonderful husband Paul and my gorgeous boys (none of which wanted a cuddle by a very grubby Mummy at the finish line).
As well as my Mum and Dad who have all supported me with my training, I love you to pieces.

And yes, I will be doing it again next year!! As a matter of fact, I cant wait.

Jaime xx

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