Apple Cider Vinegar or ACV

I kind of always knew that it was good for you, I have heard many people over my almost 33 years tell me about the benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar but I never really took it seriously, until now.

My personal trainer asked me 2 weeks ago to take ACV morning and night with lemon juice, salt and some cayenne pepper which can I say is rather awful but with a chaser of water nearby its doable……just!
I started to see some affects, after the first few days with my sugar cravings seeming to disappear and on top of that I wasn’t feeling hungry all of the time, after a week or so I just felt better all round. 
I didn’t feel as tired, I didn’t feel at all bloated and was feeling really good so I figured I would go away and do some research about ACV and share it with you all.

So, what’s Apple Cider Vinegar good for:

Weight Loss
ACV helps stabilise the blood sugars in your body for longer which may help control appetite – of course a healthy balanced diet is suggested. 

The amino acids in ACV counteract the build up of lactic acids that you can get after exercising.  ACV is full of electrolytes that can help eliminate that tired feeling.  Electrolytes can be found in sugary sports drinks which are often full of artificial colours as well as added sugar.

ACV is known to help with chronic reflux when taken before each meal consistently.
This will also have the same affect for heartburn.
ACV alkalises in your system promoting healthy digestion and encouraging growth of healthy bacteria.  It aids in cleansing the digestive track and promoting bowel movements.

ACV helps stimulate circulation and can aid in detoxing the liver.  Back in the day it was used as a blood purifier.

Joint Pain
Sore joints or irritable skin?  Pop a cup of both Epsom Salts and ACV in a bath and have a good long soak (for all the mums out there, its a good excuse for that long overdue good long soak).

Use ACV on a cotton wool ball to tone your face as part of your daily routine.  Used topically it will brighten your skin, add gloss to your hair and may assist with stains on nails.  It is also know to clear away congestion, blemishes and acne.

My research also tells me that you should try to purchase ACV which is unfiltered and organic or often marketed as unpasteurized.
A brand which seems to dominate the market is Braggs.  In Brisbane, Braggs can be purchased from many health food shops and the standard price for approx. a litre is $13.00.
ACV contains vitamins E, A, P, Magnesium, Iron & Calcium.

My research has also extended to pregnancy and breastfeeding as I have many friends in these 2 boats at the moment.  There is always going to be conflicting information in regards to these 2 topics so please discuss with your GP or health practitioner before consuming. 

The Braggs website says its completely fine to consume ACV during pregnancy however many websites in Australia and the world state that an unpasteurized product should not be consumed by pregnant woman as it may contain unhealthy bacteria in the form of E-Coli.  However its not all bad because the supermarket varieties are typically pasteurised, so do your research into brands and seek medical advice.

Sorry ladies, once again there is some very conflicting information.  Some research tells me that ACV is great for blocked ducks and may prevent mastitis and other sites suggest its not safe to take with no research ever done.  Again, do your own research and seek medical advice.

I for one will be having Apple Cider Vinegar as part of my daily routine, morning and night for some time to come.

Jaime xx


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