Week 50

I am still back on track and feeling great.  I know that I said that I would put the scales away but I just need a couple more weeks. 
I have been really focused this week and really busy but did what I could when I could. 
We had a family friend come to stay on Friday so Wednesday and Thursday night were spent making sure my newly refurbished office was all done and ready to sleep in.  It was the push we needed to get it finished and it looks fabulous.  We are both so very pleased with it. 

I put my Celebrant hat on Friday afternoon and headed to the Gold Coast for a wedding which meant I missed my gym class but made up for it with a morning walk with our family friend on both Saturday and Sunday. 
Saturday was a dreary Brisbane morning so we packed the kids in the car and took them to the local shopping centre and did a few laps, we probably looked really silly but felt much better after a good walk.  Sunday morning proved for a much better start with the sun shining and a nice big walk around the area which for us can be quite hilly at times.
I headed to my spin class on Monday night and struggled a little with a pain I have had in my back for a few days, I’m sure its muscular but will find out tomorrow after a massage.

My PT gave me an eating plan which I am trying and absolutely loving!  Its a lot of food but all good and 6 meals a day.  I am not doing everything as I am not a fan of protein powder or cottage cheese but giving everything else a red hot got.  My body feels better for the changes.

A sneaky weigh in on Tuesday morning showed me a number beginning with 74 and I was quite excited however I knew that it can quite easily change in a day and especially after a big weights session at the gym last night. 
This morning I weighed in with a loss of 300grams and this was the first time in a long time I have had a loss back to back.  Lets hope I can make it a hat trick and do it again next week.

I am extremely focused at the moment and motivation is high!
Weekly Stats:
Start Weight: 104.2kg

Weigh in: 0.3kg Loss
Total Loss: 28.7kg in 50 weeks
Current Weight: 75.5 kg
Current BMI: 27.1 (started at 37.4)
Total Percentage Weight Loss: 27.54%
Calories Consumed: 11,348
Sugars Consumed (Goal 350): 467 grams
Total Fat (Goal 210): 293 grams
Exercised: 8 times
Exercise Calories: 1,950 cals

Jaime xx
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