The one year anniversary of my journey is nearing and it’s been front and centre of my mind for a few weeks now.  Why?  Well because I guess I feel that I should have lost more weight by now. 
My original thought process was to lose weight, secondly to lose 30kg and thirdly to not put a time limit on it. 
It was and still is after all a “degree in skinniness”.  How long does a normal degree take? Years! 
So why do I feel that I should have done more by now. 

It’s very easy in the fast paced life that we lead to put deadlines and numbers on everything.  I need to step back and remember what I have achieved.  I have lost 28.6kg in almost a year!!
What does that mean….. 
That means that for the last 362 days I have logged into MyFitnessPal and counted calories, I have had a thought process around almost every piece of food that has gone into my mouth.  I have consciously thought about when I will exercise next, I have planned and tracked my little heart out. 
It’s been tough!
My focus may have changed in the last few weeks from a really strict diet to easing back a little and adding different types of exercise however I am so very proud of how far I have come.  I know I have inspired others because they tell me and that makes me want to succeed even more. 

I also realised that this entire time my BMI goal was slightly off because I am taller than I thought I was, only by a cm but it changes where I know I should be.  I have never strived to be within my healthy BMI because I never thought it would be remotely possible that I would have the drive or support to get where I am today.

I guess what I am trying to say is that regardless of what the number says on the scales on Wednesday I should be really happy (it doesn’t matter that exactly one year has passed). 
I know that I will keep going with my healthy lifestyle and continue to make exercise and activity an essential part of my life.  I want to live a long healthy life with my three beautiful boys (yes hubby is one of those) and enjoy what life can offer us without having to worry about my weight.

Jaime xx


3 thoughts on “Thoughts

  1. 362 is a long time to have planned, tracked and exercised your little heart out – well done, true stickability. You are right that academic degrees take longer than a year, and I bet you put on the extra weight over more than a year too. Congratulations on getting this far x

  2. Thank you Claire. When I wrote this I thought "gee that's a long time" but it doesnt feel like it.I have completely changed my life in just one year

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