One Year Anniversary

Although I technically started my journey a year ago yesterday, it was a year ago today was the day I decided to make it official with a contract to myself.  For those that havent seen that contract you can view it here

I have achieved an awful a lot in that time, the queen of stats has a lot to share:

I have run 277.9km’s in 29 hours and burnt 17,892 calories
I have walked 285 km’s in almost 49 hours and burnt 19,702 calories
I have cycled 159.8km’s in 7 hours and burnt 7,975 calories (pretty good considering I hate to cycle)
I have rowed 7.8km’s in 37 mins and burnt 492 calories
I have steps, cycles, circuited and trained through 43.5 hours of classes and burnt 26,423 calories

All up i have exercised consciously for 137 hours over a combined distance of 775.2km and burnt a whopping 74,776 calories
I have competed in The Mothers Day Classic Fun Run and The Stampede which were 2 massive milestones in my journey.
I can run continuously without thought for 30 mins and can run 5km without much trouble.
I have lost so much weight that my dream outfit is now in the hands of a goodwill store somewhere.  Size 14 was so far out of my reach at the start but now I’m a Size 12 pushing a Size 10.
I have inspired so many and am very proud of what I have achieved.
Will I keep going?  Hell yes I will.  This was and never will be a race to a finish line.

Here is something that I have been working on throughout my journey and today is the day that I share it with you all.
On 17th October 2012 I embarked on a journey, a journey to be a better Mum and Wife by loosing weight.  I wanted to lose 30 kg.  It sounds like a lot right? Well it was?
I wrote myself a contract and a great set of achievable goals and set to work.

I can honestly say that I have not lost the full 30 kg however I have almost reached that goal at 29.1kg  and I have a few key people to thank for helping me through my journey.

Candice, you were my inspiration.  Your own weight loss journey was so encouraging, you made me realize that by setting myself goals and working really hard, I could achieve anything.

Tamara, you have lived this journey with me everyday for the last 367 days, you have been there to hear about my ‘fat days’, every single joyous occasion when I reached a goal, you were there encouraging me to keep going.  Without your support I may not be where I am today.

Nic, you are my constant support, making it very easy for me to feel comfortable in my shrinking self.  Your gift to me at my first 10 kg mark meant so much and it gave me the motivation to keep going and strive for more.
You helped me realize that I can set goals and achieve them.

To my  wonderful parents Vicki, Terry & Bev. You have encouraged me and supported me through this process.  It’s a lovely feeling when your Dad says ‘Gee Jame you are looking good’.  Thank you for all the Saturday mornings you put in watching the boys so we could go to the gym.  We know you do it because you love them but your constant support means more than we can ever express.  You have played a very crucial part in my journey.

My children, who have unfortunately had a little less time with Mummy over the last however many months when I have been at the gym.  I know that what I am doing now will make our lives more plentiful for the future.  I am encouraged every time I put my running shoes on and James asks “Mummy are you going to the gym”.  I hope that both our children will grow up to know a healthy life full of great food, exercise and fun.

And lastly but certainly not the least, my wonderful Husband Paul.  You have stood by me and sometimes run beside me and have been my absolute rock.  You have challenged me when reaching for the bad things and encouraged me to strive further.  I love you to the moon and back.

Yours truly
A much slimmer, healthier and happier Mrs T.

PS:  There are countless other names (you know who you are) and I appreciate your support and encouragement along the way, especially those who take the time to reply to my posts and send me words of encouragement xx


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