When you generally eat well…….

Bad food makes you feel awful.

Yesterday I attended what was a fabulous day for me as a Coach.  The company I worked with have an awards day every year and a team I coach were nominees.
On arrival I was pretty restrained having the small pancakes with smoked salmon on top.  I had spotted some fried options but decided to steer clear given I knew how bad they can be and also not knowing what was really in them.  But as time went by and it looked like there was not going to be any other options I had to have a couple.  They were yummy and didn’t taste overly oily or stodgy.  I had a glass of wine and networked with colleagues.
However, as the afternoon went by, the lack of water and the bad food choices started to affect me.  I started to yawn and feel lethargic.  The good news was that the 2 managers I coach won their award I celebrated with them and had a glass of champers.  We headed home and I was very aware of the low consumption of water across the day (less than 1.5L)
Come 7:30pm and I felt pretty ordinary, I was tired, thirsty and felt pretty yuck and this morning wasnt much better.

When my alarm went off I was greeted with a message from RunKeeper saying “Its time to work out”.  Well I could have chosen to ignore it and continue my day down in the dumps and feeling sorry for myself but I knew a before work walk would cure my slump and I was right.  A brisk 35 min walk to work in cooler and slightly rainy weather was just what I needed.

Back to healthy food I go……………….

Jaime xx


One thought on “When you generally eat well…….

  1. I agree with this fully. I know when I take the easy option of “fast food”, I always end up feeling tired, bloated and ill. It really is a reminder that eating well is the way to go 🙂

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