Week 53

Better late than never!!

I have been unwell with a stomach bug and not feeling the best.  It must be a good one when I have to take 2 days off work.  I dragged myself to work Friday purely because I had a stack of work to do but probably should have stayed in bed.

My birthday weekend was great, I was royally spoilt by my family and friends.

It’s always hard in times of celebration not to go overboard and although I didn’t with food, I probably could have been a little better in the alcohol stakes.  I cant be sure if I was a little hung over or it was the starts of my stomach bug but Monday I felt absolutely ordinary but I had the day off as annual leave and went shopping in the City.  I spent my birthday vouchers well.  I knew something wasnt quite right on Tuesday, but went to work and even went to my PT session and was feeling pretty good.  Early morning of Wednesday I woke to that horrible feeling when you think you are going to be sick, I spent the morning on the couch watching re-runs of neighbours and feeling awful.  I think Hubby knew something was up and I wasn’t going to work when he came out to find me on the couch with a bucket on the floor next to me.

Gain this week but to be expected with my weekends indulgences.  Will work hard to make it a great result this week.

Weekly Stats:

Start Weight: 104.2kg
Weigh in: 1.2kg Gain
Total Loss: 27.9kg in 53 weeks
Current Weight: 76.3 kg
Current BMI: 27.0 (started at 37.4)
Total Percentage Weight Loss: 26.78%
Calories Consumed: 12,831
Sugars Consumed (Goal 350): 420 grams
Total Fat (Goal 210): 366 grams
Exercised: 6 times
Exercise Calories: 2,022 cals

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