Lesson learnt!!

Yesterday I got in trouble.
I attended my weekly PT session at the gym with my trainer.  2 mins in and he seemed to be a little cranky with me.
His question was “What’s in your water bottle”?
My answer “Lemon water”.
Another question “What else”?
My answer “Lemon water”.
That’s all I drink, what else would be in my water bottle…………right?

The interrogation began………when was the last time I ate, what did I eat?
The short version is that I didn’t have anything to eat before training!!  I had a snack at 2:30 which consisted of 150 calories of dry slaw and some dressing and a small biscuit.  I also had a slice of the boys ham at around 5.
It was obvious to my trainer and closer to the end of my session very obvious to me that I needed to eat something more substantial in the hour before going to training.
In addition to that I went for a 3km run before our session.  Over the course of the day I hadn’t consumed nearly enough calories to train to my full potential and by the time I got home I felt dreadful.
I was a little light-headed and my body was telling me to rest.

Message received, no more lectures required 🙂  Eye eye captains birds eye.  I will do as I’m told and eat before I train from now on 🙂



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