Cool Night Classic 5km Run

For 19 years  Brisbane’s corporates have been hitting the pavement to raise money for Brisbane charities, with more than $670 000 being raised over the event’s history. This year the charity partners are Special Olympics Australia and The Salvation Army’s Streetlevel Mission.  I entered the competition with a work team from St. Andrews War Memorial Hospital.  You can walk 3km or run 5km.

As a bit of history, I have done the ‘Couch to 5km’ training program a few times now.  The year before I was pregnant with my eldest son (2008) I trained and ran the 5km Brisbane Bridge to Brisbane in just under 42 mins.I was extremely excited as I crossed the finish line that I had achieved my goal of completing 5km.  Unfortunately I remember walking a fair bit of it because I just couldn’t manage to run the entire race.  I also realised that my husband and mother in law finished in under 49 mins and they walked it!  A few months later, we were married and I was pregnant with our fist child, training became something “I used to do”.

2008 B2BThis time around I used the C25K program as a guide and just wanted to run as far as I could and better that running time every week.   12 months ago I remember running on the treadmill at the gym, looking into the mirrors which thankfully were to the side and thinking how big I looked, I couldn’t imagine being smaller let alone 3 or more dress sizes smaller.  I used to train in a baggy t-shirt and was very conscious about what others thought of me.
Every Tuesday when I would go to the gym there was a guy there who was already running, he used to get on the treadmill, smash out exactly 5km and would do it around 21-22mins.  He like me was trying to better himself with every run he did.  I remember thinking “i could never run like that”.  I could never go to the gym and run 5km, get off the treadmill and go home, that was to me, IMPOSSIBLE.
Switch ahead to Tuesday this week, I was 2.5km into a 4km run on the treadmill and all those thoughts came back to me however it was – I CAN run without much thought, I CAN just smash out 4-5km on the treadmill.  I AM closer to being that person that I NEVER thought I could possibly be.

I woke yesterday feeling pretty flat and unusually for me I had to take Panadol for a headache which water would usually cure and I wasnt firing on all 8 cylinders, maybe only 4 or 6 at a push.  I told my husband on the way up to the race that I wasnt really looking forward to it however when we arrived he atmosphere was pretty good and after a trip to the photo booth caravan and a few silly photos I was feeling pretty good.  With over 4400 people you can imagine the start line was a little crazy, it took us a few minutes to pass over it and we were off.  I had told hubby that I would be running for a time so would probably not stick with him.  My pace started off fantastic with the first km in less than 6mins, the race went really fast and before I knew it I was starting to pass team mates that had gone ahead of me at the start.  ME, the girl who couldn’t have done this 12 months ago was passing others.  I was absolutely amazed when a colleague came up beside me 100m from the finish line and encouraged me on, my colleague is a seasoned runner and although he wasnt running for time I was so very happy with myself.  I crossed the finish line with a time of 32:05mins.  What made me even happier was hearing the announcer call me husbands name just over a minute after I crossed the finish line.  For someone who has not run 5km in probably almost 20 years and done minimal training I was super impressed and very proud of him.

Good effort all round and cannot wait for the next event………..just to figure out what that will be.

Jaime xx.

2013 PWC CNC


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