Junk Free Jaime

Steak without Chips


So, there are a few things that have been creeping into my tracker again that I don’t like and its time to do something about it.

The wine………….I dont need the wine, yes its nice to unwind with a tall slim glass of slightly yellow liquid however maybe I should swap that out for sparkling mineral water and fresh lime.
Hot chips………I dont need the chips to go with the steak and salad for a pub lunch, I will make sure to say “no chips” when ordering and not be tempted to have a few (read the lot or all)
Lollies……They are in my desk drawer for bribes, yes i know, its sad but a lolly goes a long way in getting something done by a colleague and sometimes I just offer them around to be nice 🙂
Chocolate……Stick to the Well, Naturally stuff in the freezer Jaime, there is no need to be eating M&M’s, stop buying them
Bread & Rice………Its not junk but I have been eating a bit too much of it lately, there are plenty of alternatives.

Making sure that a fruit or vege is contained in all of my meals, so far today I’m doing pretty well……pumpkin in my banana smoothie, cucumber & celery mix for morning tea and lettuce on my sandwich with a piece of fruit for lunch.  My afternoon tea consists of dry slaw with tomatoes and dinner is Tofu & Salmon with spring onion, chilli & tomato. 

I am going to make November Junk Free Jaime and hope it kicks me back into eating really well all of the time and not just really well most of the time.

Jaime xx


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