Week 56

My week has been nothing out of the ordinary, just plodding along.

We decided to go along to our gym christmas party and it was a pretty good night, disappointing was the food though.  I know you can’t expect much for $5 – beer, wine and soft drink was provided for the first hour but the food was party pies, sausage rolls, deep-fried goodness!  We had made the decision to get a couple of pizza’s between 3 of us.  I ordered the vego and hubby ordered the non-vego (which had not a shred of green on it).  I was glad we did because I was not impressed by the food that ended up on offer.
Boot camp was cancelled this week so we decided to go for a walk in a local forest.  They have dual access trails (mountain bike, walkers and horse riders) and if it wasn’t for the slightly flat tyre on our pram we may have done a little more than the 3km.  There are 5-6km and even a 9.7km trail that can be done.  Hubby and I might leave the kids with the grandparents one day and attempt the bigger one.

I decided on Monday that there were a few things creeping back into my diet that I don’t like.  Hot chips, lollies, chocolate and far too much rice and bread https://acontractforlife.wordpress.com/2013/11/11/junk-free-jaime/.  I have been doing really well and will keep up the good work.  My willpower has definitely been tested in the last few days.

My current motto: Strong is the new Skinny.

Weekly Stats:

Start Weight: 104.2kg
Weigh in: 1.4kg Loss
Total Loss: 29.3kg in 56 weeks
Current Weight: 75.9 kg
Current BMI: 26.5 (started at 37.4)
Total Percentage Weight Loss: 27.12%
Calories Consumed: 12,582
Sugars Consumed: 603 grams
Total Fat: 370 grams
Exercised: 7 times
Exercise Calories: 2,274 cals

LilySlim Weight loss tickers

Jaime xx

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