Do i still crave unhealthy foods?

A question asked of me by my trainer during the week.  I had to stop to think about it.  Do I still crave unhealthy food?

The answer is a mixed one.  If I see someone with an ice cream, do I want one? Yes I do.  Do I reach for what may be a healthier option? Yes I do.
I make our own ‘clean’ ice cream these days, using natural sugars and coconut milk and when I do have it I don’t have a lot.

Here’s a scenario for you.  A party, make it a kids one.  Party pies, sausage rolls, fairy bread, cheerio sausages with sauce, lollies, snack sized chocolates, fruit, sandwiches, cake………you get the general idea.
18 months ago, I would have eaten the pies, lollies, chocolates, cake without consequence, without thinking about how it would make me feel, just indulging in the moment and not really caring.
Switch to now and its very different.  Firstly I would eat before I go and would have healthy option such as energy balls or fruit in my bag.  Secondly, I would always go for the fruit and sandwiches and wouldn’t even touch the other stuff.  Why? Because now I know how that “other” food makes me feel.  Within the hour I would feel sluggish, I would have over eaten and would spend the rest of the day trying and failing to compensate for it.

Am I fanatical about food? No, not really.  As you know, I count calories, I know that if I need to make an allowance for something that I will.  I generally don’t over eat, I will have a light lunch if I know we are eating out and will have a healthy salad for dinner if I have indulged in something heavy at lunch time.  Take yesterday for instance, I had a burger and chips for lunch and compensated with spag bol and slim pasta for dinner.  I went over my calories by a little for the day and know I will make up for it during the week.

So to answer the question, I don’t think I “crave” unhealthy options, I think my body craves the healthy ones but I will always make allowances to treat myself.

Jaime xx


Good v Bad Food


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