New Goals

Now what? I need a new goal, I work best when working towards something so here goes.

There is a lot of information about Body Mass Index (BMI).  I have been told by a couple of professionals (Dietician & GP) that the commonly used BMI calculations in Australia are not always suited to all.
Lets take my stats for instance.  I am 167cm tall and I currently weigh 73.9kg – this makes my current BMI 26.2 (overweight), ask anyone who knows me and they word “overweight” would not be something they would use to describe me anymore.  According to the heart foundation my height means that a weight range anywhere between 52 & 70 kg is healthy so lets aim for the top end.

My new goal is to lose an additional 4.4kg in the next 10 weeks (before 29th January 2014) taking me to 69.5kg and a BMI of 24.6, I believe it’s a completely realistic goal with a weight loss of 400-500 grams per week.
“But it’s coming up to Christmas” you say – I lost 2.6kg in the 3 weeks over christmas last year without an issue, I didn’t feel like I went without and I had a fabulous time with family and friends.

I will eat well and train hard and will see results.

Jaime xx


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