Week 58

This is a late post I know but I have been super busy and haven’t been able to find the time to write.
I was motivated this week after getting to my goal last week.  I knew that it was highly likely that I may slip back under that 30kg mark and I did.  What was really interesting is that when I got my measurements done at the gym I had lost 7cm in 3.5 weeks as well as loosing 1.5% body fat.
I did an extra weights session at the gym on Monday night after hubby came home and told me that there was a leader board in the big room at the gym.  My highly competitive nature got me there very quickly and my name was on the board before I left the gym.  I am in the age range of 29-36 and have the heaviest dead lift of 90 kg (which of course I will better in the coming weeks).  I am fairly sure I can get my name up there for bench and leg press but will need to do a test run first.  Planking for 7 mins doesn’t interest me at all, I think I would get bored 😉
I am still completely onboard to losing 5kg in 10 weeks (by the end of January).  I will work hard and endeavour to get there.

Strong is the new Skinny.

Weekly Stats:
Start Weight: 104.2kg
Weigh in: 0.7kg Gain
Total Loss: 29.6kg in 58 weeks
Current Weight: 74.6 kg
Current BMI: 26.4 (started at 37.4)
Total Percentage Weight Loss: 28.41%
Calories Consumed: 11,735
Sugars Consumed: 400 grams
Total Fat: 388 grams
Exercised: 7 times
Exercise Calories: 1,866 cals

Jaime xx


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