Week 65

I have to start this post with something very very exciting!!! I have now lost over 30% of my original body weight.  31.48% !!!!!!!

I have faded away, a little but not a lot 🙂  Its been a very different week on this food plan but I have done really well.  My cheat meal on Thursday night of pizza was absolutely fantastic however I did notice after pizza that I craved something for dessert which I hadn’t craved all week. 
I started my meal plan last Monday and by the Tuesday afternoon I had serious sugar withdrawals.  I don’t eat a lot of processed sugar instead I eat fruit and lots of it, 2-3 and sometimes 3-4 serves a day.  By Thursday afternoon I was having carb withdrawals and was not in the best moods at all.  I slept some of the day away on Friday and felt much better come the weekend.  One thing that did dawn on me come Sunday night after completing an entire week of a very low-calorie and extremely clean diet was that I hadn’t had any bread or yoghurt and to be honest wasnt missing it. 
10 days down and I am getting a little bored with the same food day in and day out but I will muddle through and get myself to the 28 day mark.
Whilst eating my 12 ingredients I have continued to train hard and this week have burnt more calories than any other, ever.  I have been at the gym most days and have been walking in between.  I picked up a cheap treadmill from the local paper, it’s certainly nothing fancy – it goes up to speed 10 and inclines which is all I need for the back patio….I just have to keep the boys away from it, they think its their new toy 🙂

Something else happened this week which for me is very exciting, I resigned from my job of 7+ years and have taken a new bigger and better role.  The next few months will be very challenging as I learn the lay of the land and find my feet.  I must not let my health and fitness slip because of this change, it will be about finding a new routine that works for me and my family.

Fitter, healthier and STRONGER.

Weekly Stats:
Start Weight: 104.2kg
Weigh in: 2.6kg Loss
Total Loss: 32.8kg in 65 weeks
Current Weight:  71.4kg
Current BMI: 25.3 (started at 37.4)
Total Percentage Weight Loss: 31.48%
Calories Consumed: 8,633 
Sugars Consumed:  125 grams
Total Fat:  311 grams
Exercised: 10 times Exercise Calories:  3,422 cals

Jaime xx


One thought on “Week 65

  1. Wow Jaime, what a big week for calories burned, and weight lost!
    Congratulations on taking on a new role – I don’t how you do all this – I hope I can follow in your footsteps x

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