“Be Inspired”

“Be Inspired”Be Inspired Brooch

I have decided to start a movement.  A “Be Inspired” movement.  Will it benefit me? Not really but it will benefit you!

There are 4 simple steps:

  1. Be ready to commit to a month of exercise (December 2013)
  2. Exercise for 30 continuous minutes 2-3 times a week (not much really) and if you already exercise, it’s ok, this will be a good motivator to make sure you don’t skip those precious work outs.
  3. Record your time and/or distance
  4. Post your stats on my monthly blog post or my Facebook page once you have completed your weekly activities. This will take honesty on your part.

At the end of the calendar month I will reward all new “Be Inspired” participants with a “Be Inspired Brooch” (made by me) sent to you in the mail.
In addition I will reward the person with the most amount of activity every month with a “Be Inspired” certificate and a chance to be a guest blogger on my site so they can share their own journey and progress and hopefully inspire others.

What am I trying to achieve?
I want people to have a healthy appreciation for exercise.  I want others to understand that losing weight is never just about cutting out the bad foods, it’s about having an appreciation for what goes in and what goes out.

My aim is that after a month you will “Be Inspired” to keep going and will encourage others to join “Be Inspired”

Do I have a sponsor?
No, the cost to buy materials and make the small brooch is funded completely by me however you will need to provide me with your mailing details (which wont be shared).

Are you ready to “Be Inspired”?

I will invite the  first 20 people to respond (either below or at https://www.facebook.com/acontractforlife?ref=hl) to be part of the inaugural “Be Inspired” for December 2013.

Jaime xx